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Rightio. Another week has started. Which means another Monday at the track. This week I was looking forward to some short fast stuff as the introduction to my new training regime. The day was hot and humid, perfect for some speedy reps! Alas, around an hour before the session was due to start it started absolutely chucking in down! Of course this didn’t stop the core of hardy souls descending on the track as usual. After a mile warm up I was thoroughly soaked and it was raining so hard it was battering straight through my sparse eyelashes and causing major stinging and blindness. Arg! However when the session proper started it had stopped raining so after another quick warm up lap consisting of the traditional high knees, heel flicks etc we got stuck in. Bob asked us to get into pairs as we would be doing 10x500m as a parlauf. For those who don’t know what this is it is basically a continuous relay. So Kim (my partner) set off on her first 500 metres while I walked on 100m to meet her as she finished and I started. This went on for the whole session. I was very pleased to discover I was doing my reps in around 1.48 (1.45 for my fastest, 1.52 the slowest) which is amazingly consistent for me. Not particularly speedy, but consistency is the key. Two things were responsible for this I think: 1.) I had not done anything since Thursday so was well rested for once. 2.) The recovery was quite long, around 2 minutes I’d guess and was walking/standing rather than jogging (which I can’t count as recovery as I’m still running!). Also because I was fired with enthusiasm for my new style of training (ditching the unenjoyable long stuff). Now I will work hard in the sessions I do do and reap my rewards in the days I do nothing (Friday and Sunday at least). Once I get the Henfield Half out of the way this Sunday I don’t intend to do anything over about 7 miles in training and 10k in racing. As I mentioned in my last post I know I am fit enough to race well it is just a matter of getting my mind to cooperate so I must concentrate on this rather than exhausting myself doing too much in the foolish belief that it will help my racing especially as I KNOW it is my mind not body that is at fault.

On Tuesday I rolled on over to Core & Stretch in the morning in bright sunshine. Naturally, as it’s an indoor class! (I did hang my sodden trainers on the washing line before I left though.) I felt that my down dog was not quite as awful as usual so perhaps I am actually become a teensy bit more flexible? I am NOT attributing this to hot yoga though as I MUST NOT do any more classes once my 20 have run out. The angriness outweighs any benefits. Core & Stretch will be enough.

In the evening I was back at the gym for Kettlebell Circuits. As I had worked hard on Monday I did find it a little harder than last week and my shoulders gave out pretty early but this was due in part to the morning’s class and because I was back swinging 9kgs in each hand. I did try and use the 12 for the clean and press but failed dismally so back to the 9 it was! Charlton will be pleased to know we finished on snatch and I succeeded with with the 9kg. Over all I felt alright with my performance although I wasn’t completely dead like the week before but not sure that’s a bad thing.

I think I may be gaining a bit of self confidence as I actually dared to ding someone who was strolling along the cycle path. In the past I would merely throw them an evil look and mutter to myself as I passed. Progress!


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