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As part of my new drive to stop maddening myself with running-related anxiety and disappointment I decided to ditch Wednesday’s open track meeting at Withdean and go out on the downs with the group as usual. This was a good plan. Originally I thought I wouldn’t do track as the weather was cold, wet and windy and I feel track should only be done in the warmth to avoid wind-related anger, but it turned into a beautiful sunny day an hour or so before. Luckily I had already booked my lift to the downs so went there anyway. Regardless of the suddenly clement conditions I am glad I didn’t do the track as I know I would have only been disappointed with whatever event I did. Bob (Arena coach) agreed and said I should only get back to track racing when I can run consistently, something I still struggle a lot with. I did feel somewhat anxious that my plan had to be changed but nowhere near as much as I feared and nowhere near as angry and disappointed as I would have done if I had gone to track. Anyway, the downs run was good. Nice and sociable. Not many there for some reason but a nice 5 miler to round off the day. Still allowing the obvious “if I don’t run in the morning it’s easier to run in the evening” to sink in. Good. Am (so far) doing quite well laying off myself and just running.

On Thursday I went to hot yoga in the morning and was extremely relieved to confirm that I only have 2 MORE CLASSES TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Was thinking of cramming them both into this week to get them out of the way but think I’ll have to save my excitement and finish next week. Massive afternoon individual extremely quiet book reading RAVE next Thursday! Whoop whoop! In the evening I cycled over to HovePark for the usual interval session. Up and down and round and round we went in the traditional fashion. Still working hard to ensure fewer sessions I do do are good quality. Exceeeeellent (in a Mr Burns style).

On Saturday I went to help at parkrun as not running for a time is part of the new pressure-free (or less at least) me. It was really hot anyway so a good time to marshall. Also I knew I was doing Henfield half today so double sensibleness (people will no longer recognise me I’ve become so sensible). As my long races seem to coincide with freak weather conditions (Eastbourne gale force hail storms, first Bewl heatwave, second Bewl major rain and freezingness) I was unsurprised to find the weather forecast for 32 degree heat and blistering sunshine. Luckily this turned out not to be the case in Henfield. Although it was still hot there was cloud cover and even a few miniature thunderstorms with a few drops of rain and a stiff breeze in parts to help cool us down. As I knew this was my last long distance run for the foreseeable future I went watchless. The course is an off-road course which is quite flat but hard work due to the long grasses and rutted underfoot conditions. Thankfully I had a strange period between 4 and 6 miles where it seemed to disappear. I was surprised to see the 7 mile marker having been looking out for the 5! Made it to the finish in 1 hour 54 minutes which is acceptable as most people’s times were down by around 10 minutes from their road times and I’ve run my last (and only) two road halves in around 1.48. So glad that I’ve done it and I have no plans for anything long EVER AGAIN (I know this will not be the case but must at least pretend it is so for a little while).

I knew that even with little to report this post would end up really long!

Me looking dead at the end of Henfield!


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