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Having got Henfield out of the way on Sunday I was looking forward to track on Monday. Even more so when it looked like it really was going to be a nice day for it (unlike last week where it looked nice until an hour before when the heavens opened and it became more of a paddling session). It was! Warm and sunny. Perfect for a fast session. Bob obliged!

3 x 500 @ 1.45, 1.50, 1.52

5 x 300 @ 1.01, 1.00, 59s, 1.01, 1.00

5 x 200 @ 37s (last one 34s)

All these were run at around 80 – 90% effort to ensure I kept the consistency and speed throughout the reps. Success! The rest was 100m walk, except for the 200s where it was 100 walk, 100 jog into rolling starts. I ran in my own group of one so I could take a long enough recovery to keep each of my reps fast and consistent. This worked well. By the end it was just me with 3 reps left to run and everyone else having finished and warmed down. I managed not to get too paranoid as I knew I was doing the session in the best way for me. Unfortunately we had a committee meeting afterwards. The meeting in itself is fine but I had worked so hard I was totally spaced out and felt sick and couldn’t write. (I can never write after running for some reason. My hand can’t hold a pen properly – odd.) Shame the meeting was mainly about the Arena 10k I organise!

On Tuesday I felt very strange. Really very tired indeed. In fact I can’t remember ever having felt more tired. I dragged myself out to Core & Stretch but was so dazed and weak I could hardly do anything. Just wanted to lie down on my mat and sleep. Naturally I didn’t learn from this and sensibly take an evening off kettlebells. This was stupid as I couldn’t lift my normal weights and had to downgrade massively to weights I’m not sure I ever used even when I first started. I had no control over my form and even the lightest weights were almost beyond me. If the snatch is beyond you you can use the clean version suggested Matt as he looked at me with dismay as I failed to clean the 12kg. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that doing a half marathon out of the blue followed by a hardcore track session means I have nothing left for Tuesday but I’m still not sure that’s the whole story as I’ve worked hard before and never felt so utterly drained as I did yesterday. Thankfully today I felt a tiny bit more awake though at yoga I was still weak but then I always am so not sure it was so apparent. Usual downs run this evening could be interesting. Will take it very very easy (which I do normally anyway) and hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow’s interval session properly then 3 days rest before King’s Head Canter 5k on Monday.


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