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I found myself with fingers crossed hoping that my usual lift givers would be driving to the downs run on Wednesday as, although it is quite close to my house, it is up a horrible steep hill. Thankfully they were so I leapt in at the end of my road and was transported up the evil hill. Once here and out of our respective cars we split into two groups (one fast, one not so fast) and set off along the trail from Foredown Tower towards Devil’s Dyke. It was quite a pleasant run though I did get left behind a bit on the long uphill stretch back to the path to the finish but this was through my choosing and it was fine. It’s getting dark alarming early these days so the last mile or so was a bit treacherous in the fast-encroaching darkness.

On Thursday it was back to HovePark where the delights of 1800 metre reps awaited us. I thought summer was for short stuff? No matter. I trundled round at a relatively ok pace whilst sort-of thinking that I was saving myself for Sunday’s 10k as I knew it was going to be really hot and the course is a bit undulatory for my liking. Really though I just don’t like 1800s!

I didn’t do parkrun on Saturday to save myself further for Sunday but went along as usual to help. We had almost 500 people (the most ever) which I knew as I was on tag giving out duties, we only have 500, and I ended up with 5. A few new things went wrong. The finishing tags between 66 and 110 got mixed up so I had to hand out from 111 when it should have been 67 so everyone’s tag was wrong and thus confusing the recipients. Along with this one of the scanners was reset mid-scan so all those athletes’ details were lost. Not parkrun’s finest hour! Typical this happened on the busiest ever day. Oh well. Not seen the results yet but I’m sure it will all be fine in the end.

I awoke at 6am on Sunday ready for the main event of the week the Hellingly 10k. It didn’t kick off until 10.30 but I have to get up early so I can eat many tonnes of porridge and let it digest before running. It was indeed hot hot hot as forecast so the trusty “angry hat” was out. I decided to stick behind Jenny for the first 2 kilometres as she is a much more sensible pacer than I (go out like a loon every time) and this I did. I then decided if I was going to go I had to go and keep gone so I began to pick up the pace. I was running watchless as with watch I get too hung up on what I should be doing. I concentrated on keeping my form and breathing deeply and found myself overtaking people on the uphills which is not the norm! Around 8.5k a marshall told me I was 8th woman so for the final k or so I focused on catching up with a group of 4 ladies around 50 metres ahead. Managed to pass 3 of them before the last 50 metre grass section and sprinted for the line drawing with the girl there. I hope I got 5th, but maybe it was 6th lady. Regardless I was pleased with my race. It definitely makes a difference not doing hard training during the week and not doing parkrun on a Saturday. As usual I totally forgot to look at my time so dragged myself round to the clock after kneeling on the grass for a while trying not to be sick and it was just coming up to 46.30 so hopefully I may be just in the 45s which I am happy with for such a hilly and hot course. I must take the positives from this especially with regards to not killing myself during the week with all my various exercisings.

Result as follows:

Time: 45.46, 70/258 overall (top 27%), 8/78 ladies (top 10%)

Tomorrow it’s back to track and hopefully I’ll be feeling ready to give it some!

Hellingly 2012. Hot! Why in all running photos is at least one foot on the ground?


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  1. Um, lovely comments over on my blog young lady, but it would appear that your “angry shuffling” is the same pace as my “flat-out lung-bursting sprint”.

    Modesty be damned – you’re awesome, so there.


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