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I wasn’t. Ready to give it some at track that is. Didn’t feel too bad after hot and hellish Hellingly but decided it was sensible (what?) to take it easy. Also my usual group wasn’t there so I’d have had to go with the way-too-fast group. Instead I went with Chris who is a superb pacer and decided to stick with her no matter what. This I did and thus the session was a sensibly paced affair. The session was as follows:

200 tempo, 100 fast x 3. 300t, 200f x 3. 200t, 300f, 200t, 400f, 200t, 300f. 600f, 200t, 300f. No watch.

On Tuesday it was off to Core & Stretch as usual. Felt quite tired but managed to get through the class as well/badly as normal. I don’t think I’m getting any more flexible but think my core is definitely getting stronger so progress! The problem with working the core and feeling it is that by kettlebells in the evening my core has had enough and any sit up type things are that bit harder on tired abs. But this proves it is doing me good, right? I am definitely getting stronger at the swingy sort of kettlebell moves but still find the technique based ones hard as my lack of shoulder stability makes me cautious and wobbly when trying to balance with kettlebell held aloft in one hand. Hopefully this will also improve once I’m even stronger and when I’ve done these new exercises many more times. We finished off with a few little races by which time my legs had ceased to function so it was a somewhat stumbling affair on my part. Luckily Matt was on my team again so could make up my deficit! Cycling home I got stuck in the roller disco that seems to wend its way along the seafront on a Tuesday evening these days. My bike bell has no hope of penetrating the booming music coming off the lead bike so I had to make do with skirting round the whole massive group whilst throwing the participants evils (really successful in the dark).

This morning I bit the bullet and went to spin. I used to hate it many years ago when I last went but I put this thought behind me and decided to try and calm it down a bit this time as I think having the resistance too high and working too hard was in part to blame for my hatred. Anyway I arrived and mounted my bicycle with trepidation. However I need not have worried as it turned out to be fine and an excellent class (helped to a certain extent by the fact the instructor is fit). I really tried to keep the resistance lower than I thought it should be as I think I have the same pacing problem here as in running. This seemed to work though towards the end when he asked us to put the resistance so high we could hardly pedal I complied. This was fine in the class but not so good when I then had to cycle home into the inevitable headwind (no roller disco at 11am thankfully). It would appear that spin is now on my agenda. Hopefully it will benefit my running and not hinder. Suppose the first test will be this evening’s downs run…


Posted 12/09/2012 by Isobel Muir in Blog, Cycling, Fitness, Kettlebells, Running, Spin

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