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On Wednesday evening it was off up to Foredown Tower again for the obligatory downs run. As it is now dark quite early the route was first half off second half on road. I had a feeling I might be a bit broken after spin but I don’t think enough time had elapsed since the morning for brokenness to have set in so I set off at my usual pace. Steve and I took it upon ourselves to make sure the groups went the right way and no-one was left behind. This system worked well, especially when I ran the  last 3 or so miles at a sensible pace with Pete at the back. Wednesday runs for me are more about time on feet, hills and lung practice so I am happy to go at a steady pace. As we were making our way along the road towards the killer hill at the end some youths on bikes sped past shouting “keep up”. We ignored them and carried on but then discovered they were pushing their bikes up the evil hill and when we passed one of the boys said “oh crap they’ve caught up” so I couldn’t help but say “keep up” as I passed. They then jumped on their bikes and cycled furiously up the hill but after about 50 metres they got off again to push and we once again passed them so I said “keep up” again. They then smiled sheepishly and said they’d given up. Ha! Youths; no stamina. We were running and are old enough to be their parents and they had bikes.  I did realise later that the reason I didn’t get a mouthful of abuse was because I was with a large man! Although possibly also because we had tired them out. The whole episode kept me amused all evening.

On Thursday morning I was still amused. Less so when I arrived at Hove Park in the evening for intervals. Spin legs had definitely caught up with me and I wasn’t able to move at any great or indeed not so great speed. I decided that the session was more of a recovery run in preparation for the 4 mile Seven Stiles race I was doing on Saturday afternoon.

When Saturday afternoon arrived (after helping at parkrun in the morning) I wasn’t at all confident that my legs had recovered but as I was only doing the run in a vain (and probably unsuccessful) stab at getting third place in the Arena Superseries I wasn’t too worried. As the course covered some of the same ground as the Henfield half marathon and it was really hot (as at  Henfield) I lost the will to live as I traversed it again. Even the promise of it only being 4 miles didn’t help much but I ploughed on regardless. I made it to the end but have no idea of time or position as I ran watchless (as part of my drive to remain calm and relaxed) and the results are yet to be posted. Couldn’t care less though which in itself is massive progress.

Update: Result as follows: Time 29.59 (sub 30!). 5/105 women = top 5%. 55/258 = top 21% over all.

Today was the Arena 10k, an annual event I have been organising for the past 3 years (but the race has been going for many many years). Stressful! It seemed to ge well though and I am yet to receive any complaints but I am so glad it’s over for another year. Each year I try and retire from its organisation but am yet to be successful! Anyway it’s done now so I can relax (as much as I ever can – ie not much).

Not looking (outwardly) too stressed at the start of the Arena 10k


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  1. Haha – nice job on the BMX impressing!


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