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Brrrr!! It’s a bit chilly out. The weather is distinctly autumnal. Sunny though so it’s not too bad. I seem to have a slight cold which is making me feel the cold more I think. The cold is a combination of various factors; post 10k relief, running a few hard races in the heat recently (draining) and weaning off antidepressants. This last factor is a slight worry. I want to come off as antidepressants by their very nature are tranquilising so I feel I want to be clean to be able to run better but having cut down to almost nothing over the past few weeks I feel distinctly down and feel all the old rubbishness coming back. Not sure if I should persevere and hopefully these feelings are just withdrawal symptoms and will settle once I’m clean. I don’t want to do my usual of coming off them because I said (to myself) I would if it will make me worse but seem already to be self-defeating by deciding I “should” come off them even though I am currently feeling worse than I have for a long time. Hmmmm….. Sorry for that not very upbeat start to my post but this is supposed to be an honest look at my life so I needed to put it out there.

On to the exercise. On Monday it was off to track where the members of my usual group had returned. We started off with 3 x 500m which Bob first of all said we should be completing in 1.52, he quickly revised this to 1.42 but we discovered we had done our first one in 1.51 so the 1.42 seemed a little optimistic. The next two were run in 1.48 and 1.49 so we can say we were successful if aiming for Bob’s first target! He then set us off for a 1k at 3.45 – 3.555 pace which we did in 3.51 so still acceptable. We then split into two groups for a 6 x 300m parlauf. This is much more my scene though Dave in the other group was speeding in his 300s so we found ourselves struggling to get back to the 300 mark to take over for our legs. I ran the 300s in 58s (a couple were a little slower when I stuck behind my team mates), not particularly speedy but OK for 6 without much recovery. This was all for the session. I didn’t find the session too bad which is pleasing as I was a bit coldy and quite tired from a hot race on Saturday plus having used up all my adrenaline on Sunday panicking at the Arena 10k.

On Tuesday I felt quite tired and out of sorts but went through the motions at Core & Stretch and kettlebells though I did redeem myself slightly by single arm swinging the 16kg. this means I can do the 20kg for the double but someone else was using it so I stuck with the 16. My shoulders were dead by the end and my legs then joined in so I was pretty pathetic by the end of the class. I must remember that I can’t be feeling fit and strong all the time at every session and need to give myself a break when there is a reason I’m not performing to my best, but when have I ever NOT given myself a hard time? Must continue to work on this! Overall though I didn’t berate myself too much for too long so perhaps I am learning after all.

This morning I went to spin but again found myself feeling below par so took it quite easy although I did seem to be the only one who could no longer pedal by the end which either means I am feeble or was following instructions to put the resistance up so high that by the end you can hardly turn the wheel. Let’s say I was doing it properly and everyone else was cheating! Cycled home very slowly into the annoyingly inevitable headwind and am now trying to gather myself for 7 (dark) miles on the downs and road later. I was going to make a smoothie using the Red Bull I got given on Sunday but decided it was probably too gross even for the woman who once made a smoothie with out of date jelly cubes!

Some of the many Red Bulls gathered at the Hove Prom 10k


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  1. hi isobel, i have just weaned myself off anti-depress too, and find i am a bit more weepy than normal (but i can weep at the drop of a hat, as they say) and this could also be to do with my age/menopause.
    just wanted to say two things really, 1) hang in there, it takes s bit of time for our systems to metabolise everything out of our bodies, and 2) i look on anti-d’s much as a ‘crutch’ – if i had a broken leg i’d use the crutch and not even think about it, nor would anyone else – the trick i think is to reduce the use as the ‘leg’ repairs but not feel pressured about it – this will only ‘aggravate the problem’. Make sense?
    i’m also feeling down cos havent been able to run for months now (since march) following fall from bike and then plantar fasciitis. back to doc today in fact.
    well done on your excellent session recently – must feel great!


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