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Even though I was still somewhat coldy I went off to track on Monday looking forward to a nice dry one as the day had been brightly sunny. Cue the world’s biggest and most torrential rainstorm x 3. It was SO WET we couldn’t see and lane one was a fast-flowing river pelted by raindrops the size of grapes. Yet we battled onwards. The session was 8 x 800, 600 tempo followed by 200 fast with 1 minute recovery between efforts. Due to the inclement (read apocalyptic) weather, the snottiness and the fact this should be an easier week pre-Goodwood xc I took the session quite steadily. I didn’t time anything as I think my watch would have died in the deluge. In fact many Garmins died that night. RIP.

By Tuesday the constant soakings of my person had taken their toll on my already enfeebled immune system and the cold worsened. In the morning I was still OK and went off to Core & Stretch quite happily with only a slightly drippy nose and crispy too-much-nose-blowing moustache but alas half way through kettlebells in the evening everything came to a head. Suddenly was drenched in an ill sweat (distinct and very different to an exercise sweat) and had to downgrade to lighter weights. I struggled on pathetically to the end.

Today (Wednesday) I got up bright and early ready for spin until I was forced to admit I am just way too ill. Too snotty, can’t stop sneezing or blowing my nose, shivery and hot and weak. Texted Lydia to get her to talk some sense in to me as I felt horribly anxious and panicked at the thought of missing spin even though I know really it would have been stupid and detrimental to go. Anyway I didn’t go. Thank goodness I managed to finally be sensible though of course if I had been sensible originally and not done 11 solid days of exercise in the first place none of this would have happened. I will have to go through the panic and anxiety again later though as I will have to miss the seafront run too. It is for the best. Must keep telling myself that. I need to be well for Saturday. I will not suddenly put on 10 stone or forget to run if I don’t do anything between now and then. Have to make a sodding Victoria sponge on Friday too (not that that’s got anything to do with anything).

Urrrgggghhhhh I feel so groooooooooooooooooo. At least the groo is all snot and cold related which has the benefit of overriding any antidepressant withdrawal that may still be going on. I must say I haven’t felt nauseous for a while and my appetite seems to have returned (probably a good thing though I was quite happy with the weight loss – at least I’ll get fat enough to keep my shorts up again) though not much point at the moment as I can’t taste anything. Also as my head is so hot and stuffed with ill there is no space left for gloom or obsessive manic hysteria.

Hopefully by Sunday I will have tales of xc success to tell you and will be feeling fine and ready to get back to proper (sensible) training next week. Toodlepipski for now.


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  1. Get well soon!





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