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Day 7 of the 11 day exercise bender   Leave a comment

Well helloooo there!

Did a little parkrun yesterday having not done it for 4 weeks (seemed like years).  I knew it would be pretty crap not least because of spin on Friday. I also knew that there was more expectation on me after my run at Goodwood and lo, Chris was there and said almost immediately I expect you to be really fast today. This of course is exactly what causes me to be awful. I can’t handle the pressure and my brain rebels and off I go back to slowsville. Having been pretty speedy on Wednesday and coming in way ahead of others at parkrun I was well behind. Good to know I am still somewhat trapped in the stupidness of my brain (more of that later). Anyway I rolled home in a not-too-bad 21.21. Went through the first k in 4.23 which is much slower than usual but ended up running the same sort of time so at least I ran more consistently (perhaps). I know I didn’t really push myself that much and it was quite cold and windy so all in all it was not too bad. Also I had told myself it didn’t matter and I was just running it to keep up the solid 11 days of exercise I will be completing as part of my do-loads-when-I-don’t-have-a-race phase. The week after I will be taking it easy in advance of Goodwood xc where I need to run properly. Let’s hope I can pull the correct mindset out of the bag, relay style.

Today I went out on an easy 11 mile downs cycle. The most interesting part  of which was finding ourselves covered in loads of strange beetles and having hundreds of tiny spiders building webs all over our rucksack (friend) and bike (me). It was lovely bright sunny still day. Perfect for a little ride. Not sure it really counts as exercise though! A sort of active recovery day.Just what i needed though really as I am feeling a little bit off. I think it is in part (or maybe full) withdrawal from antidepressants. It is now day 9 (stopped totally a week last Friday). Things I have noticed include general feeling of gloom. The creeping in of unhelpful and self deprecating thoughts. Obsessive stalkery tendencies increasing. Feeling sick/nauseous. Really bright lightning style flashes in right eye. Low level coldy type feelings (lots of sneezing and nose blowing). Brief periods of weeping. None of these things are too awful and I am blaming them all on withdrawal thus trying not to attach any meaning to them and telling myself they will pass and I will settle down again once the withdrawal phase is over (no idea how long this will be. A few more weeks at most I’d imagine). Trying to remain positive that it is the right thing to do and that I can/will feel the benefits of not basically being slightly tranquillised all the time. The not being able to sleep part is possibly the most unhelpful but hopefully this too will resolve itself over time. I am slightly worried that I am creeping back into doing too much exercise and making myself ill (cold) and tired but hopefully I will be sensible and cut back on the exercise if I start feeling much worse. The cold at present seems to have gone by midday only to arrive again in the morning.

Well that’s it for now. See you on Wednesday, hopefully uncoldy and full of vim and vigour (whatever vim may be – is it not some sort of cleaning product?).


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Winter is well and truly on the way! I know this because we were back to the seafront on Wednesday evening. There were loads of people. I remember in the olden days when there might be 3 of us and there must have been going on for 20. Good stuff, not least because it meant I was not last. Though when I bumped into Charlton and Paul Charlton assumed I WAS last. Thanks Charlton! He knows how to make a lady (lady?) feel good. Anyway I felt I was running quite well. Being free of antidepressants probably helps. Whatever the reason I am pleased to be back running more as I think I should be. It’s only taken a few years but I think I’m finally getting there. The final stretch from the pier back to the King Alfred was enhanced by a massive rainstorm which rendered us all temporarily blind as it thrashed horizontally into our faces. In the past I would have hated the inability to see and move into the wind as I felt so weak from anaemia but now I flipping loved it! There was nothing to do but laugh and battle onwards blindly. For some stupid reason I was still trying to avoid steeping in puddles which amused me and Emily who was futilely trying to cover her eyes with her hand. Why were we bothering? There was no way to get any more sodden so why try to keep dry? Fools!

This post was supposed to be predominantly about spin hence the title but I forgot about the above and Thursday! Thursday is pretty quick to explain really. Back to winter Hove Park sessions so long stuff interspersed with 3 engineerium hills and 8 green light hills. Didn’t go too mad on this session after Wednesday but still put in the effort on the green light hills and was happy with my performance. It was our second session of the week taken by Steve but in fact this one seemed shorter than Bob’s ones so well done Steve!

Today it was my second class with Jeff for spin. I was not disappointed! The only difference was that this time I was on day 5 of hardcore training thus my legs were 2 days more tired than doing this last Wednesday. We were informed beforehand that this week’s class would not contain a 22 minute and 6 second climb, which was welcome news, but this did not in any way mean that the class would be a jot easier! There is an awful lot of climbing and Jeff makes sure you keep the resistance high. Every few minutes he asks you to up the resistance by “15 minutes” (a quarter turn of the resistance dial) so there is no slacking! Not that I ever slack. In fact perhaps I start with my resistance too high as today I couldn’t do the last “15 minutes” as I could only just turn the pedals as it was. We interspersed the mentally tough climbing sections with sprints on the same resistance and spent a lot of time standing up on the pedals and generally dying (me). Someone left the class after 10 minutes when they realised this class does not cater for those who just want to coast on an easy resistance. The constant turning up of the resistance means even those  who have started easy will be finding it hard by the end and those who start too hard (me again) may not even be able to turn up the resistance any more by the end. We also did lots of low(er) resistance sprinting which I find very hard as my legs don’t seem to be able to go as fast as everyone else’s. I think this is because I can’t relax and lets my legs spin, I am always slightly resisting the pedals. Something to work on. By the last 10 minutes my legs had given up and the resistance was so high I was barely able to turn the pedals. This is when we had to start pedalling backwards! This was nigh on impossible. Not only due to knackered legs but it is really hard to get your brain to accept it is possible. I am expecting some new and strange aches tomorrow after that bit! You may have noticed I love this class. Good news especially after thinking I wouldn’t even bother trying as I would just hate it like I used to.

I’m thinking of doing parkrun tomorrow as I haven’t done it for ages and this is supposed to be a hard training week as no races this weekend. Not sure it’ll be very fast, especially after spin, but might run it anyway just for another 3 miles in the bank, also if I don’t I won’t have anything to write about come Sunday. Not that that ever seems to stop me…


A quiet week so far   2 comments

After the excitement of Saturday I don’t have much to report. On Monday the track session was taken by Steve as Bob (and Mark) were away. He set us 2 x (6 x 600). The 600s were as follows: 500 tempo, 100 fast; 400t, 200f; 300t, 300f, 200t, 400f; 100t, 500f with 2 minute rest between sets. I ran with Duncan for the whole session as neither of us were up for a really hardcore session so we both just trundled round at a reasonable pace making sure there was difference between our tempo and fast. On one of the 300 300s I accidentally followed the speedy group who were just in front of us at this point thus this rep was done far too fast on the tempo part. It was quite windy too. Hmmm, sorry that wasn’t very interesting!

On Tuesday I set off for Core & Stretch in massively blustery and gusty wind conditions which made the trip along the seafront somewhat hairy. The class itself was fine but my shoulders were rubbish as usual which made me really annoyed as I can never get to working my core in the plank as my shoulders always give out way in advance. Huff.

In the evening I was back at the gym for kettlebells. Went straight in with the 20kg for the double arm swing and 16kg for the single and was generally as normal until I went a bit blind somewhere in the middle. Must have been cumulative knackeredness from Saturday. Don’t usually have vision loss and greenness of what I can see anywhere other than Hove Park hill sessions (or hard races) in the summer heat. Oh well. Don’t really need to be able to see at kettlebells anyway as each move is done in one place.

Maybe it was partly due to being on day 4 of no antidepressants? Probably still having withdrawal symptoms. I know I still feel distinctly weepy and intolerant which is part of it I think but am persevering and telling myself it is just withdrawal and I will be fine soon and that it is NOT a relapse. easy said than done when I feel so gloomy. Ho hum. This too shall pass…

Anyway didn’t go to spin this morning so we’ll see how I get on on the seafront later as we are back to winter training which is a 6 mile tempo run on the prom (in the dark and usually into a massive headwind on the way back).

I hope to be filled with news and joy by Sunday!

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