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I blame winter! For everything.

Not much activity to report today as it is day three of three scheduled rest days. However on Thursday I mounted my bicycle, sans hi vis – oops, and set off for HovePark. At this stage it was cold but dry. Alas this did not continue throughout the session. Towards the end it began to sleet, hail and wind mightily. Sooooooooooooooooooo cold! Our faces were flayed with ice cold, sharp and wet shards of rain. This was not pleasant but the unpleasantness really started when the session finished and I had to try and put my cycling wear back on with frozen and sodden fingers. I couldn’t get my hands in my gloves as they were so cold. I managed to jam them in in a haphazard way finally but they were by now so cold they really hurt. Owwwwww!!! Stupid winter. I cycled home wincing and weeping like a fool. Once home it took hours before the pain left and I still had the joy of the tips of my fingers feeling hard and achy. Thankfully I have barely left the house since then. Just a brief foray back to the park to volunteer at parkrun on Saturday.

Marshalling parkrun







I’m the one with the sexy socks-over-waterproof-trousers combo

I am having a period of being out of love with running. Instead I decided to do running replacement activities and am going to the gym on Wednesday morning to see what delights there are there (I haven’t set foot in a gym for nigh on 6 years). The cross trainer, rowing machine and treadmill are in my mind’s eye. I want cardio without running. Though of course will note that the treadmill is for running. I am thinking that I could do some short fast reps on the treadmill as it will force me to keep up with my pre-set pace otherwise it will eject me unceremoniously off the back! This alas does not happen outside and there is no punishment for dropping the pace, except hating myself but that’s not much of a deterrent what with it being my normal state. Something along the lines of 5 x 2 minutes at goal 800m pace (2.20, 20kmph) for example. This idea brought me to unexpected rage when I couldn’t find a treadmill cheat sheet that goes up past 20kmph. Grrrrrrrr! If anyone could direct me to one I would be most grateful.

 The only one I could find:

 Treadmill Cheat Sheet

This is exactly what I want but it starts way too slow and stops just a fraction too early to be of much use. Please someone put me out of my misery by finding (or making) me a better one.

I am hoping to rediscover my running mojo in time for Bexhill xc on Saturday and think I will as I really like this race and know what I am capable of over this course.

In the meantime I shall box my own ears to try and knock some enthusiasm into myself and be back on Wednesday with tales of running joy and brilliance.

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