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After the coughing foolishness of Wednesday and Thursday I felt much better on Friday and had a hankering to go for a long run. Mojo returns unannounced! It was a bright and sunny day which made getting out on the seafront much easier. The first 3 or so miles were fine but once I turned just past the pier I began to flag a bit. Not surprising as I’ve not run any serious distance for over a month. I struggled valiantly (and slowly) onwards but was wishing that the apocalypse had come true as that would have stopped my run after about 4 miles. Alas it didn’t so I had to run all the way home. It was only about 7 miles altogether and quite a struggle but at least I was back on the horse (or any other phrase of that nature). Took 63 minutes so a steady 9 minute miling.

Fired with enthusiasm after the sudden return of desire to run I set off to parkrun in the torrential downpour that was Saturday. I knew my time would be lacklustre at best but I wanted to run it as it was the last race in the Arena super series for 2012 securing me a third place spot in the table. I arrived and joined my fellow sodden team mates for the official photoshoot. It was slightly delayed as the photographer had been delayed after roads were closed due to flooding but Holly dug out her phone and here we are!

The Arenas pre-parkrun, already soaked.

The Arenas pre-parkrun, already soaked.

Once the run got underway my mediocre predictions came true (self-fulfilling prophecy?) as I lost Chris almost immediately and didn’t have the motivation to try and catch her back up. I slogged home soggily in a paltry 21.53. Luckily most people’s times were down a bit anyway so it didn’t seem quite so bad. I was still just happy that I actually wanted to get back on the running wagon (too many cowboy analogies). After steaming gently in the café for a while I trudged home on my bike (can one trudge on a bike? I think not…). Once I had hung all my soaked waterproofs on the radiators I began looking forward to this morning’s seafront run which would include a slight gatecrash of the Run Brighton marathon training run. I met up with Andy, Danny and Michelle at the lagoon and ran with them to Carats where the official run started. As this was my second long run in 3 days I had planned to take it easy as a nice long, slow run to get the cardio going. Luckily Danny and Trevor had the same idea so we set off at a nice steady 9 minute mile pace. Chatting merrily all the way along the seafront we lost Trevor and his baubles somewhere, chatting to Lee I think, but continued onwards towards the pier. Danny decided that he would start dragging me out for long runs post Christmas so we can both “smash it” in 2013. This seems like a jolly fine idea as I work better if someone MAKES me run. As I shall be rejoining the Wednesday evening group which is a 9 mile run I can join him another day to get another longish one in. Hopefully a nice slow one like today. Lungs not legs! Danny peeled off towards home at the pier so I continued back into the wind. Once I was alone I found it much harder to keep going, not sure if I accidentally sped up as tends to happen or if I just conked out after my triumphant return not three days earlier. I managed to wave for Lee who was taking photos as I made my way through mile 6.

Practicing my Danny pose.

Practicing my Danny pose.

Dragging my sorry carcass home I was pleased I got out (and didn’t get rained on) and tried not to be too concerned with all the fitness I lost in my mojoless period. I can, and will, get it back! Many thanks to Danny for becoming my motivator and encouraging me to gatecrash today’s run. I look forward to getting back on it fully in 2013.Merry Christmas everyone and see you next Wednesday.

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