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There was no track on Monday what with it being Christmas eve so I factored in a rest day as I knew I would be going long on both Christmas and Boxing day.

As Christmas day rolled around I levered myself out of bed in the dark and troughed a nice big bowl of porridge in preparation for a nice slow 9 or so miles. The Run Brighton group were meeting at the Peace Statue at 9 so I tried to time it so I would coincide with them just as they started so I didn’t have to stop and get cold. This worked almost perfectly as the were just heading off towards the pier as I was about 100 yards away! The group run was around 5 miles to the Marina and back to the Peace Statue but with my additional 4 or so to get to the Peace Statue and it was about 9 to 10 miles for me in the end. We did get a bit rained on and it was rather windy but I ran nice and slowly around 9 minute miling so it was quite pleasant and good to have got out there (even doing mini laps of the Christmas tree whilst waiting to regroup). The beauty of a nice slow run is that my legs are in no way battered so the prospect of doing it again on Boxing Day did not fill me with dread.

Andy came to collect me this morning bright and early(ish) so that we could meet up with a few others for a 5 mile warm up to give me another 10 mile long run. (Ridiculous really seeing as my weekly mileage was about 8 miles until Sunday since when I have done three 10(ish) milers.) Again we set off steadily at 9 minute miling. When the actual race rolled around Danny, Kevin, Rob and I decided to stick at this nice easy pace. Danny and Rob are in various stages of recovery from deadly manflu and I was there for another nice and easy 10 so it was sensible to not push ourselves. Thus we trundled round the 5.5 mile course in a highly pedestrian 47.30. Perfect though to get yet more miles in my legs without killing myself or even being out of breath.

Tomorrow it is back to the usual Thursday Hove Park interval session so perhaps I will get a bit of speed out of my legs there. Real life starts next week though I think.

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