A record week for mileage and being sensible   2 comments

On Thursday there was a brief return to normality when I returned to HovePark for the usual interval session. Only 7 hardy souls were there this time reminding me of the olden days when 7 would have been seen as a good turnout. Having only run long and slow for the last week I felt quite fresh and fired with motivation and mince pies. We set off for a hill session that incorporated 4 different hills. The short, long, green light and Legal & General. I felt I was actually running quite well which hasn’t happened for ages so this was excellent. It doesn’t matter what actual speed I am running as long as I feel like I’m working as hard as I should be. In this instance I had the company of Rob’s clicking trainer to spur me on. There were even some double clicks as his ankle joined in. I discovered I am still rubbish at counting when we embarked on the 7 lamppost uphill/downhill part of the session. If more than a couple of the lamps were lit it may have helped (doubtful). Anyway I was pleased with my return to enjoying running and doing it (a bit of) justice.

On Friday I took part in a 90 minute spin class with Jeff whose normal 40 minute class is an absolute killer. I was a little worried about my chances of survival but managed to pace myself (sort of). It was of course hard hard work. The usual mix of sprints, climbs and general lung bursting, vomit inducing grimness. Throw in a bit of backwards pedalling to mess with the mind and all the staple elements were covered. There were only two people in the class and the other lady was the queen of spinning. I don’t know how she spun her legs so fast. I was in awe. Even Jeff conceded defeat and gave up trying to match her. Thankfully a 20 minute section mid-class sped by so it didn’t drag forever onwards as I had feared. As usual my legs were a wibbling wreck when I dismounted at the end. This did not bode well for going back up two flights of stairs to collect my sodden coat which was hanging on the radiator in the changing room (my other cycling clothes were on the reception and studio radiators) then cycling home into the obligatory post-spin headwind. I somehow managed it with minimal weeping and cursing.

I decided whilst I was on a running mission I’d do the last parkrun of the year. It was exceedingly windy but this didn’t stop the man who won in 14.34! I felt I was running quite fast but obviously wasn’t as I crossed the line in a paltry 21.46. I wasn’t too bothered though as I have done a lot this past week. The fact I felt like I was trying throughout is itself a cause for celebration as usually I think I could have tried harder at various points. I managed not to be lapped by the winner which is also a bonus! My poop 68% age grading didn’t disappoint me too much and being 72/334 overall, 4/107 ladies and first in my age category eased the feelings of crapness somewhat. Didn’t get rained on either which is a miracle in recent times.

This morning I dragged myself out for the final long run of the mammoth mileage (for me) week. It was stupidly windy once again and as always behind us on the way out thus meaning a slog of doom on the way back. I ran with Rob, Kevin and Danny (the boxing day posse regrouped) averaging about 8.30 minute miling. By the time I was almost home I was utterly knackered and managed to veer into a lamppost giving my elbow an almighty bash. Ouch! Luckily I had left the others on the seafront so didn’t humiliate myself in front of anyone. After lying on the kitchen floor for a while with my legs up the wall I ordered myself a new pair of trainers on ebay ready to get down to some serious training in 2013.



I really must finally get my sub 20 5k, sub 2.30 800m and any other targets I have set myself over the years and failed to attain. Though I mustn’t forget that I have set 3 new PBs this year. 20.35 at parkrun, 20.22 track 5k (my first) and 42.55 at 10k. Things are on the up. Roll on 2013!

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  1. Great goals and congrats on those current PBs! What a great year! Here’s to 2013 being even better!


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