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Unfortunately I was still deep in the depths of gloom on Monday and gave up at track almost immediately. Anyone who reads this often will know I LOVE track so will understand the dire state of my mind. This session would have been perfect too as it was 300, 500, 200 fast sections with 100j recoveries x 5 (if I remember correctly – I didn’t write it in my diary as I didn’t run it).

I felt quite a bit better by Tuesday and dragged myself to C&S which was good as I haven’t been able to go much recently. I can still plank like a lord. Pleasing.

I had decided whilst in the depths of doom to not run until Saturday (which would be a jog just to remember how to run) because I had Hayward’s Heath 10 miler on Sunday and I wanted to run well. I knew I was in no shape to replicate my second place and ridiculously fast time of 1.10.55 in 2013 but I wanted to be able to try my hardest and know that I gave it my best shot.

Although I had begun to feel much better by Wednesday I chose to continue to rest until Saturday as planned. Saturday duly arrived and I set off to Hove Park to jog round in 23 minutes. Amazingly I ran 23.11 so it seems I can pace myself if going exceedingly slowly

In the afternoon I made my bouldering debut after Lydia invited me. As I was out of love with running I agreed so I could focus on something else for a while and the wall is right by my house. I was very nervous as I am rubbish at heights (as those who saw me at Go Ape will testify). After a bit of sweaty palmed fear on top of the wall you can go on top off (about 10 feet off the ground) I was ok. Once we climbed the walls you just go straight up and down. If I’m concentrating on something it is ok I just cant stop and have time to look down. This did happen a few times when I got to the top then realised I didn’t know how to get down again but I just about managed not to plummet in a sweaty handed fashion. I almost fell off on an overhang but managed to climb down after a bit of panic stricken dangling.


I decided speed was of the essence and this seemed to go well. I made it up to grade 3 but then was thwarted by a specific blue and white one. I was determined to crack it but alas by this time my arms had had it. Lydia told me it’s about leg strength and balance once you get into it but as it was my first go I was still hoisting myself up etc with my arms. I was also wearing totally inappropriate shoes which didn’t help. Anyway I am determined to succeed so must go back with the right shoes and get straight on it. The less thought the better (once I’ve worked out the route – which I didn’t actually have to do as Lydia showed me). Lucky I now work in a shop that does climbing gear. New shoes ahoy!

On Sunday it was the aforementioned Hayward’s Heath 10 miler. I have always (2012 and 2013) managed to do well in this race in terms of effort and was determined to try again this year. I knew my time would be rubbish compared to last year but as long as I felt I put the effort in I would be happy. (I went watchless again after discovering last week that I don’t miss it at all.) In fact I had known since Wednesday I would run this well (I don’t know how but I KNOW sometimes how a run will go regardless of any outward appearance or inner pretence). My plan was to go out hard and see how far I got. This I duly did. Alas the start was much narrower this year so I wasn’t at the front with a mentalated Derkin this time, rather we were trapped reasonably far back. Once we crossed the start chip mat I was able to hoof past everyone like a loon. Not a good race tactic at this stage of my unfitness but one that works when fully fit. I knew I would conk out at some stage and lo it happened around 5 or 6 miles. I wasn’t perturbed as I know it was due to my lack of long runs and proper training recently which in turn was due to the massive brain fail of late. Rob caught me up at around mile 8 so we spent a pleasant mile or so having a chat and LSR style jog. He then pushed on a bit at the end to avoid our usual politeness fight at the finish where neither of us will cross the line first (I once had to actually shove him across the line at parkrun or we would have been there forever). For some reason I was shown on the results as “unregistered runner” in 1.16.29. Not a great time but I didn’t mind as I had done what I wanted and put the effort in for as long as was possible, with the last few miles being an in-race warm down jog.

The Mayor gave me this!

The Mayor gave me this!

A MASSIVE 17 miles for the week. I don’t care though and am just so relieved the fog has lifted so hopefully I can get a good stretch of training in now and make my way back to the glory days of sub 20 5ks etc.


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