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As it was a bank holiday there was no track on Monday which was perhaps a good thing after last week’s abject failure. I felt I should do some sort of recovery run after Sunday’s efforts so when Andy asked if I’d like to run with him in the evening I agreed. Unfortunately I was not able to muster up any sort of pace so Andy had to plod along exceedingly slowly with me. He said he didn’t mind but he probably would have preferred to have gone a bit faster. At least he did 7 miles which he might not have done at all otherwise (I certainly wouldn’t have done anything if I weren’t meeting him.

On Tuesday I was able to do C&S which was good. I seem to have kept most of my core strength even though I haven’t been able to do this class every week due to work. Still a massive planker.

I had booked Wednesday off work for vets league but as that wasn’t until the evening I decided to get a long slow run in in the morning as I have been sorely lacking in these recently as was highlighted on Sunday at Hayward’s Heath. It was exceedingly windy so I headed inland. I had wanted to do some hills too having not done any of these for ages either (no wonder I’ve been so rubbish of late). I met Rob which meant the middle 8 ish miles was pleasant as his company helped me forget about the windiness and my ridiculously slow pace. I managed to ascend King George VI Avenue without dying of lung failure which is definitely an improvement. I haven’t used my blue inhaler for ages (I might use it before a race now and then). It was a very slow run altogether but at least I managed 15 miles which is more than I’ve done for ages and contained some good hills.

In the evening I joined Julie in her camper for the trip over to Eastbourne. As the only two ladies we decided to do everything (almost). I chose to do the shot put over the walk as I felt the humiliation would be slightly less. I was pretty sure I would be last as I am distinctly NOT of traditional shot put build. After one practice (just to make sure I could actually pick the shot up) it was time to go. My aim was to breach the 5 metre line. My first throw was 4.84. Then 5.96, finishing with 5.48. Much to my surprise I was third. Arg! It’s no good, I have to qualify that by saying that in fact that was second last. But still, I wasn’t last as I suspected. The winner threw over 9 metres and looked like a proper shot putter and natch was before me so the officials had to roll the tape measure in many miles between her and my attempts. I also took part in the 100m (3rd), 400m (2nd), 1500m (7th) and the 4×100 relay (mixed team – non scoring). All the running was ruined by a massive headwind in the back straight that meant I couldn’t move. Though the 100 wasn’t and being ladies captain (ha!) I chose the last leg in the relay so I had no headwind. This didn’t help as I was still totally slow. Thankfully Joe dropped the baton in the proper scoring Arena men’s team so I was able to not come last as he had to wait for me to go before he could collect the fallen baton from the inside of lane one (my lane). I love vets league and even though it was pretty much ruined by the apocalyptic wind and freezing temperatures I still enjoyed it and it seemed everyone else did too. Massive thanks to Julie for getting stuck into all the track races even though she was really only there for the walk which she won (of course). She even managed a small shot put injury regardless of the fact she didn’t actually take part in that event.

Freezing to death in a very slow 1500

Freezing to death in a very slow 1500

I thought all my activities on Wednesday warranted a recovery jog on Thursday morning. Although it was supersonically slow (oxymoron) it was still rather hard due to the every-directional headwind. I didn’t do HP intervals in the evening as that would have been asking for trouble (aka I couldn’t be bothered).

On Friday I did nothing.

Saturday meant parkrun and this time my aim was to be paced to 20.30 by Joe. Unfortunately I was too slow and only managed 21.10. However I did try the whole way round so alas I am just mucho slow these days. I’m sure others would say the contents of the preceding few days probably didn’t help but you know me, too hard on myself always.

This morning (Sunday) it was time for another long run. Poor Rob got dragged out again and had to endure an even slower run than on Wednesday. I should have learnt by now that trying to do everything at once leads (obviously) to max knackeredness yet I still tried to run. I think I managed two miles at sub 9 pace (including a very long downhill section). I shall pretend the hilly and windiness was to blame even though it was mainly my complete lack of strength. At least I went out and now have another hilly 13 miles to add to the bank.

This evening I went climbing with Lydia and finally conquered the blue and white nemesis of last week. However I now have a new one, or two. I am no good at ones with holds with no handles. Hands too sweaty. I also had my usual panic on the duck and told a poor man who happened to appear on the top that I was really sweaty. I don’t think he wished to know. Straight up straight down is fine, sideways not so much, corners no and only good grippable handles please. Also no stopping as panic suddenly sets in inducing massive sweating with attendant falling off. I think I need to fall off properly to overcome my fear but as yet I have only truly fallen off from about an inch off the floor which doesn’t really help. I felt that I wasn’t quite as good as last week. Too much fear. However wearing proper shoes was much better though I should have cut my finger and toenails. I shall persevere and will soon be traversing the tiny black nipples (racist).

I am pleased with this week’s activity though I am now knackered and am not doing my putting on weight attempts much good burning all these calories. 43 miles running for the week, 1 Core & Stretch class, 1 vets league laughathon and 1 bouldering session. I must now sleep forever then start it all again tomorrow.



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