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Another Monday another trip to track. My plan this time was stick to Caroline as much as possible. This failed after the first 600 metres or so. The session was 5 x 600f, 100j, 400f, 100j, 200f (3 minutes rest between sets). Bob split me off from Caroline’s group as I was too slow so I was now in a group consisting of Trevor and I. This was good as Trevor dragged me along at a decent pace. Although I didn’t manage to do what I set out to do this was an excellent session thanks to Trevor pulling me along. Quite a lot of eyes shut running which is my gauge of effort. The more the eyes are shut the greater the effort.

On Wednesday I needed to fit in a long run as I haven’t done one for ages. I plumped for a flat one as I had vet’s league T&F in the evening so wanted to keep as much leg strength as possible for that which meant no hills. I ended up only doing 10 miles but this was fine. It was a nice sunny day and not too windy so it was just nice to be out.

In the evening it was Worthing’s turn to host vet’s league. This is basically school sports day for old folk. I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. For once I can actually run for fun as people are always saying is the point. I love sprinting like an absolute windmilling buffoon and couldn’t care less where I come in any of the races as long as I know I had a jolly spiffing time. This outing I did the 200m (2nd place).

Not winning the 200m

Not winning the 200m

Followed by the 800 (650 jog, 150 sprint finish), then the long jump (3.96 best jump – not great but OK seeing as I had just finished the 800), then the 3000 that was basically a recovery/warm up jog before the 4×400 relay where I commandeered three B&Hers to make up a non scoring team. Obviously I loved all the sprinting and the long jump. The 400 was my favourite even though there was no-one to race (I was on last leg and the field was so spread out by then the person in front was about 100m away). I really enjoyed just hammering it round like a flappy armed goon.

Cobra shadow puppet arms (makes a change from the usual T-Rex)

Cobra shadow puppet arms (makes a change from the usual T-Rex)

I have no idea of my times. I don’t think they were much good (I KNOW my 800 and 3000 were awful) but I couldn’t care less. I just LOVE these evenings and wish there were more than 3 or 4 a year. I must say thank you to Joe for driving us there and to Rob for helping me with my long jump run up and taking the exceedingly attractive photos showcased in this post.

Having run and jumped mainly in spikes on Wednesday my calves were concrete on Thursday so I just took the Hove Park intervals session as a recovery jog. Rob was also broken from Wednesday so we hobbled round together at the speed of really slow people.

I had planned to do 3 x King George VI hills on Friday but severe DOMS put paid to this idea so I decided a full rest day was a better idea.

Even by Saturday I was still pretty much destroyed so Hove Park parkrun was yet another recovery jog. Rob joined me too along with Rick who has just completed an almighty cycle through some bits of Europe. He suggested we start from the absolute back and work our way through slowly so this is what we did. I think this run was most helpful for recovery as we wound it up slowly but surely romping home in just over 25 minutes.

Another pretty poor week in terms of mileage (28) but a good test of being sensible as trying to run on DOMSy track death calves would have been very foolish.

I have added to my arsenal of recovery tools. Hockey ball for soles of feet and hip/buttock poking and The Stick for all over rolling (much easier on the arms than the foam roller).

Additional recovery tools

Additional recovery tools


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