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Monday Monday, so good to me. Well it was this week as track was 400 paarlaufs which is my all time favourite session. It suits me down to the ground as it is short reps with a relatively long standstill recovery. Love love love. I paired with Rob as we are similar speeds, though at this distance he is probably faster than me, but not significantly, so it would be a good balanced recovery for us both. The session was 3 x 12 minute paarlaufs with 3 minutes recovery between 12 minute efforts. I think Rob and I managed 4 400s apiece on the first set then he did 5 to my 4 on the second as he started so I made sure I started and did 5 to his 4 on the last to make us even. All in all I did indeed love this session.

On Tuesday I decided I was ready to do the 3 x King George VI that I couldn’t do last week due to post vet’s league calves. It was another hot day so there was much sweating to be done. I slowed on each ascent and barely jogged home. I think the trick is to keep doing this until I can hold my pace on each ascent and the homeward leg then add an extra hill rep. This circuit is just under 10 miles all told so a good medium length run as well as the hills.

Wednesday meant the Weakest Link relays in the evening so in the morning I just went out for a short slow 5 miler to get the three King Georges out of my legs. Just a little jaunt out to Shoreham Arm and back. It was sunnier than I envisaged so I ran the whole thing with my left eye shut. Oh for a sunglass monocle!

The evening drew around and it was still a nice day which made a change as often the Weakest Link is shrouded in a freezing sea mist. As last year this year the Arena Crew would be split into teams of mixed ability.

Another excellent Arena turnout

Another excellent Arena turnout

This race is a relay (hence the name) whereby each of the four team members run a loop of 2.5k in traditional relay style but when the last leg runner gets to the finish the rest of his team join him for another lap meaning everyone one runs 5k all together with the last leg runner doing it all at once. The theory is everyone runs the last leg at the pace of the slowest runner as teams’ finishing times are taken from when the last finisher crosses the line. I was drawn to run the second leg after Marc, handing over to Duncan with Anthony (the strongest runner) on the last “double” leg.

Pre race tactic chat with leg one man Marc

Pre race tactic chat with leg one man Marc

Marc led us out with a storming first leg. I careered out after him like a flimsy gazelle heading up and over the hill. The long stretch along the bottom was slightly slowed down by a headwind but in no time I was dragging myself up the zigzag then pelting along the gravel to hand over to Duncan. I felt happy with my leg although in retrospect it was hardly speedy. After a nice rest it was time to join Anthony on the final team leg. As we set off it seemed all the other Arenas did too and alas we were overtaken by Jenny’s team. They ended up being first Arena team home making us second. Anyway that is irrelevant as this is just a fun, sociable event and I thoroughly enjoyed it as always.

Crossing the line - well done Marc for putting everything in

Crossing the line – well done Marc for putting everything in

On Thursday I went straight to Hove Park after work and decided immediately that it was a day for a recovery jog so I spent a pleasant 4.5 miles doing just that (1 mile warm up while Garmin struggled to find satellite).

I had planned to do Preston Park this week having not done it for a while. I felt that I could give it a proper go as my brain was having a rare foray into “race brain”. So off I set. Even my bike decided to go into first gear so I took this as an omen that this would be a good run. Strangely everyone starts really far back from the start line at Preston Park so I started right on it with Emily and Joe as it was emptier there than anywhere else. I had set my watch to beep if my pace slipped above 6.30 minute miling. This meant there was quite a lot of beeping (sorry everyone in my vicinity) but it reminded me to concentrate. I managed to stick with a girl and overtake her near the end so that it would be an Arena 1 – 2 for the ladies as Emily was first. I finished in 20.17 which is my best run since December 2013 when I managed 20.06. Somehow I paced this run pretty well. Next time I must go off faster though as all my best times come from a faster start.

In the afternoon I went bouldering and Lydia said I was ready to advance to the mint routes. My first attempt was unsuccessful as the holds are very finger strength specific and I have none. I did however have no panic attacks and climbed onto the duck with no problems – in terms of the height I mean – obviously I flopped about on the top like a deranged seal in the traditional style.

All in all a good week.


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