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Track attack! Well actually it was just normal but I felt I needed to get your attention. Obviously this week could never be as good as last week but I made sure I went in the group with Caroline as she is who I shall always try and keep with. The session this time was (3 x) 900, 700, 500, 300 with the last 300 of each rep being fast. Our group was massive for some strange reason so Caroline, Emily and I started a bit after the main bulk of the group so as not to get stuck (actually I was fine anyway as I was somewhat off the back but it meant more elbow room for Caroline and Emily). Although I wasn’t very close to Caroline at any stage I didn’t get significantly further behind as the reps progressed so success (perhaps).

On Tuesday I decided it was hill time again. This time it was 2 x King George and one time Millers Road for 11 miles altogether. I think the answer is combining the hills and long in one. Purely because I don’t really like either of these sorts of runs so it kills two birds with one stone.

Thursday was a break from the norm where I went out for a tempo 5 miler in the afternoon so I could watch Diamond League in the evening. I’d done enough hills on Tuesday so when I discovered that I had missed Kenyan Hills at Hove Park it was not a great loss.

I thought I should attempt to see if my legs could go fast on Friday as I don’t think they have for a long time so I went out for a short run with two (approx 1k) fast sections … which turned out not to be very fast.

On Saturday I wished to replicate last week’s successful parkrun but did not.

Hopefully next week shall start off better than this one ended.


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