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Monday as always meant track. This week it was the dreaded 800s. As soon as Bob says 800 I want to sprint from the track never to return. Of course I didn’t do this but wept internally as Bob told us we would be doing 8 x 800. After setting the pace on the first 800 we then had to do this again for the remaining 7 reps but each time starting approximately 10 metres further back. Due to the beauty of my Garmin and its inability to time stuff I have no idea if we were successful at any stage. Once again I ended up running with Mal having dropped off the back of the faster group pretty early on. Mal is just being polite as he could easily have stuck with them throughout. Anyway I tried to keep with him but as he was keeping with me it probably wasn’t that telling. We kept gathering and dropping people each rep finishing with Mal storming ahead on the last rep with Rob (who joined us just for this rep) and I trailing behind (though I ended up trailing behind Rob too).

I didn’t do anything on Tuesday as I knew I had Phoenix 10k on Wednesday evening. I did it. The end. Oh sorry, this is supposed to be a blog so I suppose I have to tell you what I did. I hoped I might be able to run around 42 minutes as at Worthing though I already knew this wasn’t going to happen. I’m really not motivated to race and haven’t done any speed endurance specific training so it could only really ever had ended this way. I started off reasonably well and made it to around 4k in 40 minute(ish) pace.

Approx a k before I totally ground to a halt

Approx a k before I totally ground to a halt

Alas from then on I got progressively slower and couldn’t find any motivation or enthusiasm to try and speed up again. Tara caught me at around 8k so I stayed with her to the finish making sure we drew (on gun time at least).

Stalking Tara to the line

Stalking Tara to the line

Tara got a pb which had nothing to do with me but perhaps I shall pretend it did Rob-style to make me feel better for my utterly rubbish performance.

A small selection of Arenas post race. Only I look like I have just run a marathon on the sun.

A small selection of Arenas post race. Only I look like I have just run a marathon on the sun.

On Thursday I tried to do Hove Park intervals properly but discovered almost immediately that I had no strength so it rapidly turned into a jog with even slower jog recovery sections.

At the moment I have no desire to do any sort of racing. I do still want to run, not least because it helps keeps me nearer to sanity, but I have no motivation to push myself. I still get annoyed at being so much slower than last year but can’t seem to drag myself out of this pit of despond to do anything about it. Actually that is a lie as I think in part my slowness is down to not having been to the gym for ages and having lost a lot thigh and calf muscle. My eating has been bad recently too after a spell of unidentified nausea and loss of appetite. I am aware of what I need to do though so I shall get on the case. I have booked a programme update at the gym next Friday where I shall ask for leg exercises galore. I need my thigh muscles back! Not least because when I try and put things on my thighs when sitting down they fall through. I used to think I wasn’t to be a slim endurance runner type but now I am (well not the actual running part of course) I don’t want to be. Stupid grass.




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  1. What IS it about 800s?! I did 8 by 800 this week too and as soon as I heard my assignment, I started asking for 16 by 400, 5 by 1K, whatever other combo wasn’t 800. I lived. But man was I grumpy…


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