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I was supposed to have visited my sister at the weekend but an unexpected lightning induced migraine on Saturday morning put paid to that along with parkrun. I went bouldering on Sunday when I should have been taking part in an off road 10k in The Tarrant Valley. At least it was some form of exercise as I felt like I hadn’t done anything for ages (mainly because I hadn’t).

Having been unable to go away at the weekend it meant that I could change my gym visit to Monday. I explained to Matt what I wanted to achieve (getting my thigh muscles back which have disappeared of late) and what sorts of things I felt like I would actually do for longer than a few weeks and he set me up with the following (from memory so I might have missed something out):


Leg press. Leg Extension.

Things with Weights:

Lunges. Hip Raises. Calf Raises.


Squat Jumps. Single Leg Squats.

Matt made me do plenty of each to make sure I was doing them properly and/or to make me unable to descend the stairs later (who makes the changing rooms at a gym two floors up?)

Although it didn’t occur to me at the time (clever clogs) having done that in the morning probably explained why I was pretty terrible at track in the evening (along with migraine ‘hangover’). The session was (2 x) 1k tempo, 1 min, 1k fast, 1 min, 4 x 300. It was very hot as well but normally I would have at least been able to pull something out of the bag for the 300s but alas it was not to be today.

Feeling suitably buoyed with enthusiasm to redevelop thighs of steel I decided I would go to the gym before work on Tuesday to get stuck in to my new regime. I thought it would be a good idea to leave my favourite machine ‘til last. The leg press. It was not as by the time I had done everything else I was unable to complete even one rep on the specified weight (220lbs) and even when I took it down three notches I still couldn’t budge it so I had to conclude I was a fool (an easy conclusion for me of course) and that saving the best for last doesn’t work in this instance.

As I am still off running I thought I would rest on Wednesday morning as I was going bouldering with my work colleagues in the evening so needed to have a bit of leg left so I didn’t end up floundering atop the duck for the whole night (obviously I was bound to be beached whaling it up there at some stage). It was exceptionally busy. I managed my first mint (on the duck) and did a few others I hadn’t managed before so it was a successful evening over all even though really hot and full (of annoying, thoughtless and downright dangerous unattended children).

On Thursday I made the brilliant decision to go for an easy run at midday in the 28 degree sunshine. I don’t mind doing a bit of easy running for fitness but I have no desire to race or put any effort in. This run was rather too hot though and I can’t say I enjoyed any of it. I’m hoping if I don’t do much running I might suddenly rediscover the desire to do it. It hasn’t happened yet… I chose to run earlier as I was going bouldering with Lydia in the evening as a change from HP Intervals. An annoying hip flexor (can’t blame it after all that gymming and bouldering) meant I couldn’t do a few things but I knew that it was because of that rather than defaulting to my historical mode of it being ‘because I’m rubbish’.

Friday meant another trip to the gym before work and this time I made sure I did the leg press first and managed to do the requisite 3 x 8 reps at the specified weight. I then tried to space the thighy things out a bit by interspersing them with the calf raises, hip raises etc. This worked as I managed to do everything I was supposed to and even got the bar down off the stand this time without assistance (though I couldn’t move the other one down to hold on to whilst single leg squatting but this isn’t so important as I just balanced by holding on to the sides of machines instead).

On Saturday I jogged Preston Park parkrun with Joe (until he sped off to overtake Duncan – they are fighting for first place in the points competition) and Rob which was pleasant. In the afternoon I went bouldering with Lydia and managed a few more mints. As usual I didn’t take in to account the new gym regime and the fact I’d already been bouldering three times so got a bit annoyed that I felt so tired and weak.

Today I have watched two Commonwealth Games marathons and shall be watching the track stuff this afternoon whilst allowing my poor hammered limbs to recover a bit.


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