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As I had the day off on Monday I thought I should get on with my attempt to regain some endurance so decided to do a medium length run in the morning before track in the evening. I set my watch to alert me when I strayed from the “fat burn” zone. I do not wish to actually burn any fat but rather this should be the right speed for a long run. “Easy” is a bit too slow for a run of this length (9 miles) I feel. I spent most of the time in the “fat burn” and “endure” zones with a few forays into faster and slower, well, based on heart rate. I don’t know how accurate the HR monitor is but those two zones are fine for this sort of run I think. As the new watch isn’t a Garmin I can no longer link you to my runs but I don’t think that is a great loss!

A nice new strap for my nice new watch

A nice new strap for my nice new watch

In the evening Steve was in charge of track and set us off on 8 x 800. Arg! The dreaded 800s! As I had run in the morning I went in Duncan’s group and tried to stick with Rick as much as I could as I know he has good pacing skills. We completed our 800s consistently in 3.30 which was perfect for me after having run earlier too. A good 15 mile double day to start off my return to having some endurance.

On Tuesday it was time to get back to the gym before work to continue strengthening my legs. I can already feel them getting stronger and have gone up in weight on some of the exercises. I also measured my legs and discovered I’d put on about a cm round each thigh and calf. Good.

After work on Wednesday I tried a run keeping in the “endurance” zone. This meant some seriously mental pacing due to the windiness of the seafront but I completed most of the 5 miles in my target zone. It felt hard but of course that is the point as I have done nothing like this for ages thus have no speed endurance whatsoever.

Another day off on Thursday meant the chance to do a long run. I racked up 13 miles which is the longest run I’ve done for absolutely ages. Helped by having the company of Rob for the main portion of the run. It didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would so I must keep up the long runs as these are a fundamental part of running well and the lack thereof have been massively telling over the past many many months.

In the evening I went bouldering with Lydia. There were some nice new pink and black routes to try. I had a small rage due to my hands being so sweaty chalk melted off within seconds of application leading to continuously sliding off everything. Grrr. Luckily I managed to complete a few routes so it wasn’t a total disaster.

Friday morning was another trip to the gym.

On Saturday I thought I would test whether I had gained any endurance in a few days. I hadn’t. Well not enough to complete a 5k anyway. I think I got to around 2k before I slowed down significantly. Ho hum. Better than the 500 metres I managed last week though. I felt like I kept up the effort though but as I had the watch set to tell me when I strayed from 6.30 – 6.45mm I couldn’t easily see my heart rate, which would have probably told me I wasn’t actually working that hard at all. I’m just getting to grips with all the functions and testing things out as I go so next time I’ll set it to tell me when I stray below the “endurance” zone and see if that helps. Anyway I finished in a not-very-good-but-almost-on-the-cusp-of-acceptabilty 21.26. I have added this as a “race” to my watch so perhaps next week I could race myself instead? So many things to try!

Today there was a large ex-Bertha hurricane in effect so I couldn’t even cycle to work so it was a complete rest day (apart from standing about at work).

37 miles in total for the week. Better.


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