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After a week off the gym to let my muscles absorb the work I was back in again on Monday morning. Having forgotten which weight I was on on the leg press I set it to 260lb. This was not it. Heavy! I somehow managed to do 3 x 8 reps anyway. After the rest of the exercises I heaved my decrepit form home again on my bike. I wasn’t confident of a storming track session (though I’m not anyway at the moment) after the morniing’s exertions so I was sensible and joined Mark, Rick and Simon’s group rather than immediately falling off the back of the faster group. I tried as usuall to stick close to Rick as he can be relied upon for excellent, consistent, pacing. This week’s session was 12 x 300 broken into sets of 3x300s of which each was to be faster than the preceding one with 100 jog in between. Rick was excellent as always at pacing so thus I was too (except I didn’t keep precisely with him at all times, dropping back a bit from time to time before re-gathering my strength to try and catch him back up). A reasonable session to round off a double leggy day.

Tuesday morning meant another gym trip. This time I couldn’t even move the leg press on 260lbs. Had to cut down to 240lbs though I did do 3 x 12 reps. I think. Not surprising really I suppose. Anyway another session done.

In the evening it was the annual Adur Challenge. This is a handicap race dreamt up by Bob for Arena members. It is a 6 mile run round the River Adur. Theoretically everyone should reach the finish at the same time. Realistically this does not happen. I was overtaken almost immediately by a speeding Gary and Gemma. I think I overtook my first person around 5 miles. Mark overtook me almost immediately (having set off 15 seconds after me) and said come on when he passed me, so I did. I kept with him all the way which meant this turned into a nice even paced tempo run (around 4.30+ per kilometre).

Setting off gently

Setting off gently

Finishing gently

Finishing gently

The Challengers post race

The Challengers post race

On Wednesday I had ambitions of a LSR but after about 6k I totally conked out. The usual trick of not taking into account how much of a toll two days of double legging and fast(ish) paced running would take. I bumped into Caroline who told me to go home and sit down. So I did.

I had already planned to rest on Wednesday and Thursday but rest isn’t what it used to be what with having a standing up all day job. My poor legs. I know many people have this but I still remember my jobless days fondly.

Today I chose to race against myself from last week at Preston Park. I was 50 metres ahead for a long way but alas my past self caught me up with around 500m to go. Blast. Never mind. I felt good and strong for the first 3k or so and I am still enjoying having proper legs rather than spindly knock kneed twigs.



I finished in 21.02 (official parkrun time) but watch said 21.13 so I lost the race as my watch recorded 21.03 last week. I still don’t seem to be able to stop my watch. Huff. Stupid watch not having an actual stop button but a pause then stop function. I do love the watch though for all its other functions and I don’t scrutinise my stats after the event so I don’t really mind especially as then my official times are always pleasingly faster than my watch’s recorded times.

An early post today as I’m off to visit my sister tomorrow. Laters.






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  1. Don’t be knocking the “spindly knock kneed twigs” 😉 xx


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