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I think I went to the gym on Monday. I definitely went to track in the evening. This week’s session was an evil concoction of Bob’s involving long reps broken down into alternate stretches of tempo and fast running. So the first was 1200 broken in to 300t, 300f, 300t, 300f. Then with 400s, then 500s, then 400s and 300s to finish. It was unpleasant and I was too slow to keep with my normal group (which adds evidence to the feeling I went to the gym in the morning).

On Tuesday I did a spin class at Withdean Gym with Rob, who turns out to be a total spinmeistergeneral, who put me to shame. However it was good for me to do something different and notwithstanding the Wiggoesque nature of Rob I still worked hard.

Having cycled on Tuesday I needed to get a LSR in on Thursday so this I duly did. It was long and slow and a run so success! Managed 13 miles on the seafront at an average pace of 8.43 which I was pleased with especially as it was rather windy and I’m still not fully back to routine long runs. In the evening I went to the Arena Hove Park intervals session that I haven’t been to for ages. I was a bit worried I might be dead after the morning but in fact I was not and put in a good session. Perhaps not particularly fast but I put in the effort which is the main thing.

On Friday I definitely did go to the gym. I really wanted to go up a notch on the leg press but due to Thursday double day I wasn’t able to. However I did all the usual stuff so that will do.

Today (Saturday) it was the Goodwood Cross Country relay which heralds the start of the cross country season. It’s always strange when this race is run in hot and summery weather but it was once again this year. This time I ran 3rd leg which I don’t think I’ve done before. It meant that I was running by myself but there were a few people within catching distance and in fact I overtook 4 people which I was pleased with. I was pleased with my run as a whole as I tried throughout and for the first time EVER felt like I actually RAN up the hill. Hoorah! All this gymming is paying off.

The leg one ladies are off! Thanks Tom for the photo.

The leg one ladies are off! Thanks Tom for the photo.

I think my time was roughly 20 seconds slower than my PB which is good as I’m still not back into full long run mode and I was not motivated by being on leg one and surrounded by people or by having been given a MASSIVE head start, meaning I was in the lead and being terrified of losing it.

A pleasing week and 27 miles in the bag.

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On Sunday it was time for Hellingly 10k. My first race for ages in an attempt to get faster. Emily very kindly gave me a lift so we arrived in plenty of time to collect our numbers.

Emily and I pre Hellingly 10k Pre Hellingly 10k

I didn’t have a plan for my race rather I was happy just to see what happened and would not care how fast or otherwise I was. It was a nice warm day so very pleasant for a pootle through the countryside. This course is reasonably hilly and I knew I’m in no shape for a fast time so I just tried to make sure I kept trying throughout. I made a conscious effort to use the downhills, which I did, but it made no real difference as I don’t seem to have any speed at the moment. Never mind. I kept the effort up so there isn’t really anything else to be done until the speed returns. I finished in 45.05 which is acceptable.

On Monday of course it was track. The session was 800t, 300f, 800t. 300f, 800t, 300f x 2 with the 800s at tempo pace and the 300s fast. As I was in my usual group I was able to stick with Duncan and Rick for a good consistent session.

Tuesday was back to the gym. Must keep my legs strong.

I managed to go for a run after work on Wednesday. It was only 7 miles at a slow pace but at least I did it.

Same on Thursday morning. Very slow to Yellowave and back. About 8 miles.

Friday was another trip to the gym.

All this meant by today (Saturday) I was pretty tired. After setting my watch to various different things I wasn’t really feeling up to I opted for the traditional split at every k. I tried my traditional go out fast approach but even though I thought I had I only reached 1k in 4.01. Gone are the days of a 3.45 first kilometre. Ho hum. I knew even though slow it was still too fast. Lo! Rick and Duncan caught me around 3k as usual but this time I worked to keep with them as I wanted to replicate our three in a row Arena finish a la last week. It seemed much more crowded where we were this week so it looked like getting the trio would be tricky but I was determined to keep with Rick and Duncan anyway. Somehow we did it! Arena row #2! Whoop! Even when a man pushed in between Duncan and I in the funnel I managed to get him to take the tag after Duncan instead to keep the line intact.

After cycling home I immediately embarked on a 12 mile LSR. I had to go straight away or otherwise I wouldn’t have gone at all but it meant I was starving from the start having only eaten a Mule bar pre parkrun. It was a mightily unpleasant experience and I stopped dead as soon as my watch buzzed to let me know I’d done 20k, even though I wasn’t home. I shan’t do it again but it was a case of having to get it in when I could as I know I shan’t tomorrow after being up very early to help at the Arena 10k.

36 miles for the week.

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To continue keeping up a decent weekly mileage and having a day off I started Monday with a 7 mile run. It was very slow and I felt tired but my legs felt strong. I’m still getting used to having proper legs again and it was good to feel them NOT knocking into each other in a spindly style as I made my slow way along the seafront. I had already decided that this week I wouldn’t go to the gym as I think it is important to let my legs have time to reap the benefits which means not thrashing them in the gym every week (just thrashing them by running instead … ahem …). Of course as it was Monday I also had track to contend with in the evening. I joined my trusty band of running mates and thought I’d do my usual and try and follow Rick (I think he is fed up of this but hey ho). After a 1k warm up Bob set us off on 5 x 1300 with the first 1000 tempo with a wind up last 300. Arg! This was hard as long reps. I have no idea what speeds we were doing but I remained in about the same place each time and know that everyone (bar me) in the group is good at pacing so assume I was consistent enough throughout. A reasonable double day over all.

On Tuesday I went to visit my old running friend Rob who has become a rampant gym goer whilst being injured. I joined him in his new habitat. It is sooooo modern compared with my gym! It had actual people in it too whereas mine tends to be emptier. Anyway I didn’t really do much as I was knackered after Monday but I did end up doing 5k on the treadmill after I had to leave the elliptical machine as I can’t coordinate my limbs for it.

Rob capturing the moment I remembered how much I hate the cross trainer

Rob capturing the moment I remembered how much I hate the cross trainer

Wednesday was a long run. Well it was supposed to be but ended up being just over 10 miles. Not too bad though as I wanted to do well at the track 5000 on Thursday. My pace was very slow again as well which is fine for now as I’m just trying to get my weekly mileage back up to a decent number.

Thursday rolled around which meant it was time for Tom’s annual 5000 track race.

The 5000 posse pre race

The 5000 posse pre race

I hadn’t even really thought about this and suddenly it was time. I did my shoelaces up a bit tighter as I think their looseness isn’t helping my dodgy calf/Achilles as I am probably scrunching my foot up a bit to hold shoe on (not that it would actually fall off). I felt good from the off and even overtook some people after about 1k as I knew I could go faster (usually I stay behind for fear of going to fast and dying later). Only one person re-overtook which I knew would happen anyway. Foolishly I hadn’t set my watch to beep at each k so I didn’t really know where I was but could see my average pace was 4.04 per k so this boded well for an acceptable time. Once I received the last lap shout (thank you Mr Cartledge) I did a traditional Muir wind up and windmill-sprint which brought me home in a quite unexpected 20.10. This was pleasing as my best run for ages. I had felt strong all the way in leg, mind and lung which is a rare occurrence indeed.

On Friday I rested.

Today I ran Preston Park parkrun in 21.09. Was putting in a good effort but was unable to produce any speed.

Pushing the invisible shopping trolley of slowness. Thanks Rob for the photo.

Pushing the invisible shopping trolley of slowness. Thanks Rob for the photo.

Hellingly 10k tomorrow.


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Monday was back to track after a week of due to bank holiday. I cycled over straight form work which meant I was early enough to get a mile warm up in even after stopping to help a man on a Brompton whose chain snapped as he tried to burn me off at the traffic lights. This week’s session was (3x) 1000, 800, 500 with the final 500 of each rep being fast. Rick took out the first set which meant it was well paced with a distinct change in speed at the last-500 point. I was assigned the task of pacing the middle set which meant I went too fast on the first bit, slowed down around 10 metres from the last 500, sped up for 10 metres into the fast 500 then went back to the same speed as the rest of it. Fail. Good to know after 6 or so years I can still not be trusted. Sorry Rick! For the last set Rick said he’d pace the tempo beginning parts then I could go on the fast bits but alas I could not because I was knackered by this stage. Sorry Rick! (Again.) Regardless of my dodgy pacing this was a good session and started me off well with 7 miles in the bag (remember I set a goal to run 30 miles this week in RunKeeper).

On Tuesday I kept up the momentum by getting straight out for a LSR, well more of a MSR really as it was only 10 miles but better than anything I’ve done recently. Although it was rather slow it wasn’t as bad as I feared and a good chunk of the way to 30 miles for the week. In the evening I went bouldering with Lydia. Having not been for ages I was rubbish. We did both manage a one hold yellow on the duck through “sheer bloody-mindedness” as Lydia so succinctly and eloquently put it.

Wednesday was a rest (work) day.

On Thursday I went to the gym before work and managed to do the leg press properly which I was a bit worried about due to actually having done some running in the preceding days. In fact I managed everything which is good and proves that my legs are getting stronger. I can tell they are anyway. No knock kneedness and I can cycle properly and uphill without having to go into the lowest gear. Splendid.

Friday was time for another LSR. This time it just about warranted the title being just under 13 miles. After about 6 I was truly knackered as my heart rate attested to as it informed me I was in the “Sprint” zone even though I was over 9 minute miling. At least I managed it and on my own too which makes it feel infinitely harder. I had the dulcet tones of Netsky to help me onwards though and the stink of the sewage works a few miles from the end to keep my spirits up. There didn’t seem to be any runners out. I suppose summer is over and it’s not quite marathon training season yet which is when they all appear. I finally dragged my weary carcass home pleased that, although really hard, I had managed a decent distance.

Post LSR woe

Post LSR woe

On Saturday I went to Preston Park parkrun as usual. As this week was all about getting some decent mileage in I wasn’t worried about my speed so set my watch to just record my run and set off with Duncan. We stayed together the whole way round and rolled in around 21.30 which was completely fine for my purposes.

Today I went to the gym before work and went up a notch (20lbs) on the leg press so distinct progress is being made. I must keep up the long runs and decent mileage weeks then, along with my newly strong legs, I should be getting back to some acceptably quick times soonish.

Hip raise bar

Hip raise bar

34 miles running this week, one bouldering outing and two gym sessions. Good.

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