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Monday was back to track after a week of due to bank holiday. I cycled over straight form work which meant I was early enough to get a mile warm up in even after stopping to help a man on a Brompton whose chain snapped as he tried to burn me off at the traffic lights. This week’s session was (3x) 1000, 800, 500 with the final 500 of each rep being fast. Rick took out the first set which meant it was well paced with a distinct change in speed at the last-500 point. I was assigned the task of pacing the middle set which meant I went too fast on the first bit, slowed down around 10 metres from the last 500, sped up for 10 metres into the fast 500 then went back to the same speed as the rest of it. Fail. Good to know after 6 or so years I can still not be trusted. Sorry Rick! For the last set Rick said he’d pace the tempo beginning parts then I could go on the fast bits but alas I could not because I was knackered by this stage. Sorry Rick! (Again.) Regardless of my dodgy pacing this was a good session and started me off well with 7 miles in the bag (remember I set a goal to run 30 miles this week in RunKeeper).

On Tuesday I kept up the momentum by getting straight out for a LSR, well more of a MSR really as it was only 10 miles but better than anything I’ve done recently. Although it was rather slow it wasn’t as bad as I feared and a good chunk of the way to 30 miles for the week. In the evening I went bouldering with Lydia. Having not been for ages I was rubbish. We did both manage a one hold yellow on the duck through “sheer bloody-mindedness” as Lydia so succinctly and eloquently put it.

Wednesday was a rest (work) day.

On Thursday I went to the gym before work and managed to do the leg press properly which I was a bit worried about due to actually having done some running in the preceding days. In fact I managed everything which is good and proves that my legs are getting stronger. I can tell they are anyway. No knock kneedness and I can cycle properly and uphill without having to go into the lowest gear. Splendid.

Friday was time for another LSR. This time it just about warranted the title being just under 13 miles. After about 6 I was truly knackered as my heart rate attested to as it informed me I was in the “Sprint” zone even though I was over 9 minute miling. At least I managed it and on my own too which makes it feel infinitely harder. I had the dulcet tones of Netsky to help me onwards though and the stink of the sewage works a few miles from the end to keep my spirits up. There didn’t seem to be any runners out. I suppose summer is over and it’s not quite marathon training season yet which is when they all appear. I finally dragged my weary carcass home pleased that, although really hard, I had managed a decent distance.

Post LSR woe

Post LSR woe

On Saturday I went to Preston Park parkrun as usual. As this week was all about getting some decent mileage in I wasn’t worried about my speed so set my watch to just record my run and set off with Duncan. We stayed together the whole way round and rolled in around 21.30 which was completely fine for my purposes.

Today I went to the gym before work and went up a notch (20lbs) on the leg press so distinct progress is being made. I must keep up the long runs and decent mileage weeks then, along with my newly strong legs, I should be getting back to some acceptably quick times soonish.

Hip raise bar

Hip raise bar

34 miles running this week, one bouldering outing and two gym sessions. Good.


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