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On Sunday it was time for Hellingly 10k. My first race for ages in an attempt to get faster. Emily very kindly gave me a lift so we arrived in plenty of time to collect our numbers.

Emily and I pre Hellingly 10k Pre Hellingly 10k

I didn’t have a plan for my race rather I was happy just to see what happened and would not care how fast or otherwise I was. It was a nice warm day so very pleasant for a pootle through the countryside. This course is reasonably hilly and I knew I’m in no shape for a fast time so I just tried to make sure I kept trying throughout. I made a conscious effort to use the downhills, which I did, but it made no real difference as I don’t seem to have any speed at the moment. Never mind. I kept the effort up so there isn’t really anything else to be done until the speed returns. I finished in 45.05 which is acceptable.

On Monday of course it was track. The session was 800t, 300f, 800t. 300f, 800t, 300f x 2 with the 800s at tempo pace and the 300s fast. As I was in my usual group I was able to stick with Duncan and Rick for a good consistent session.

Tuesday was back to the gym. Must keep my legs strong.

I managed to go for a run after work on Wednesday. It was only 7 miles at a slow pace but at least I did it.

Same on Thursday morning. Very slow to Yellowave and back. About 8 miles.

Friday was another trip to the gym.

All this meant by today (Saturday) I was pretty tired. After setting my watch to various different things I wasn’t really feeling up to I opted for the traditional split at every k. I tried my traditional go out fast approach but even though I thought I had I only reached 1k in 4.01. Gone are the days of a 3.45 first kilometre. Ho hum. I knew even though slow it was still too fast. Lo! Rick and Duncan caught me around 3k as usual but this time I worked to keep with them as I wanted to replicate our three in a row Arena finish a la last week. It seemed much more crowded where we were this week so it looked like getting the trio would be tricky but I was determined to keep with Rick and Duncan anyway. Somehow we did it! Arena row #2! Whoop! Even when a man pushed in between Duncan and I in the funnel I managed to get him to take the tag after Duncan instead to keep the line intact.

After cycling home I immediately embarked on a 12 mile LSR. I had to go straight away or otherwise I wouldn’t have gone at all but it meant I was starving from the start having only eaten a Mule bar pre parkrun. It was a mightily unpleasant experience and I stopped dead as soon as my watch buzzed to let me know I’d done 20k, even though I wasn’t home. I shan’t do it again but it was a case of having to get it in when I could as I know I shan’t tomorrow after being up very early to help at the Arena 10k.

36 miles for the week.


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