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Monday morning: Gym. Monday evening: Track. Bob was away so Steve was in charge which turned out to be excellent as paarlaufs were on the agenda. 500s and 300s. Six of each. I paired with Rick as he is about the same speed as me (especially on these as I am better at the short stuff). Nothing more to be said really other than I love paarlaufs.

On Tuesday I went MyRiding again. This time I decided to try and keep within the suggested RPM which meant I had to put my resistance down a bit sometimes. I am not very good at making my legs go fast (ditto whilst trying to do fast feet at track). I just about managed to stay in the right zone most of the time. Cycling to and from involves two big up hills so a good workout all told.

The first Wednesday of October meant it was back to the seafront for winter tempo runs. As there is a lot of work being done on the prom by the West Pier we took a different route to the Peace Statue and then all the way along to Carat’s Café. The run was broken up into 3 sections of approximately 2.5 miles each. This was the perfect distance to be able to keep up my effort knowing that there was a brief rest at the end as we regrouped (brief as I was near the back of the group). I was very pleased to discover that I managed the full run at a consistent 4.22(ish)mpkm. Over all this run totalled 9 miles including the jog to and from the start. The gym and LSRs are beginning to kick in I think.

Even though I had run well on Wednesday I thought I had better get out for the planned LSR on Thursday morning anyway. I managed 12.5 miles but I could definitely feel yesterday’s run and it was quite a struggle, especially as I made it too hilly. In the evening I went to the Hove Park session and put in some effort. Unfortunately regardless of effort my legs were shot so even though I felt like I was going fast I obviously wasn’t as I was right at the back. This session was hills hills hills which was excellent as Steve made us do some hills as a warm up. 21 all together. My poor legs.

I rested on Friday but one day wasn’t enough and parkrun rolled around once more to be run on tired legs. This week I decided to go by heart rate as that is after all why I bought a HR watch. I set it to buzz to keep me in the target zone of “speed” which is 80-90% effort, 166 – 187bpm. This I did with an average of 179bpm. Unfortunately this did not equate to a speedy run. 20.50 which was about the same as when I ran last time. I shall attempt to run at a higher heart rate next time though I was already nearing 90% if the technology is to be believed. Oh well, if I explode at least I shall know I tried for once.

Today was the return of the Lewes Downland 10 Mile race though this time I would not be racing it rather just using it as a training run to force myself to do some hills and off road both of which I don’t like. I trotted home a mere 9 minutes slower than last year. I didn’t enjoy any of it bar the last 400 metres downhill on grass but I’m sure it has done me some good. Although currently I just feel knackered.

I must now attempt to rest a bit in preparation for Thursday’s track 10k.

44 miles for the week.


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  1. Hey that HR data is good news Isobel because you ran 20:50 at threshold pace! So you can knock about a minute off that running true 5k pace ( sub 20) you should be hitting 100% during a 5k a some point.

    You are ready to go sub 20 right now if you ask me


  2. Get that watch set to buzz on Ks at Preston park parkrun and run 3:58s no matter what. Your body will remember. You are fit enough.. Simples 😉


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