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Welcome. It’s Monday again. In blogland at least. So off I went to track. Once I arrived I heard we were doing the same as last week. Having not been there last week this was unhelpful so I enquired further. 6 x 1000m with 1 minute recoveries. This week it was to be the same but with 45 second recoveries. I hoped I could stick in the 4 minute k group so I joined Mark, Rick … and some others who I can’t remember (sorry people). Mark was nominated as pacer having a watch and some pacing skill. This was a bit mean making him do them all but it’s pointless me doing it. Anyway to cut a long story short he paced us well and all the reps were very close to 4 minutes with the slowest being around 4.07 for the last one. I as quite pleased that I managed to just about keep up. I hear we are doing the same again tomorrow so hopefully I can stick more closely to 4 minutes for each.

On Tuesday I took the opportunity to get a LSR under my belt in a brief window of OK weather. It was still rather windy but I managed to avoid the rain. It was indeed a long slow run. 13 miles.

I had planned to go to the Arena tempo run on Wednesday evening but due to unforeseen pedal-falling-off trauma on the way to work I couldn’t make it. This was slightly annoying but the weather was utterly awful so it wasn’t as much of a disaster as it could have been.

The above did mean that I had three rest days before Goodwood xc on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to help. I think I went off too fast then lost the will to live and jogged home like a pathetic sulking goit.

Setting off too fast at Goodwood

Setting off too fast at Goodwood

Loving the xc!

Loving the xc!

Finishing strongly. Anything to get it over with

Finishing strongly. Anything to get it over with.

Thanks to Tom Ulliot for the above photos.

Arenas post race

Arenas post race. Thanks Caroline for the photo.

Today was the turn of the Worthing 10k fun run. I entered this ages ago as I wanted to do a race where even if I wasn’t very good I’d still come relatively near the front. I needed the confidence boost. I had talked Joe into entering too and in fact it was perfect timing for him too as he has had a spell of races not going to plan. After collecting our numbers we went for a warm up to check out the start and finish (the complete opposite of what was on the race map and description). It was really very windy on the outward leg but if it must be windy that is the right way round. I had forgotten that there are always group warm ups at these sort of races. Joe, Andy and I party pooped it which was rather amusing as somehow we were right at the front under the nose of the warm up woman. After this brief torment was over we lined up on the start. The man said those who could run under 41 minutes could start at the front (such was the quality of the field). I started right on the line with Joe as I have been sub 40 (albeit once a loooooong time ago) and knew I would start faster than most anyway. Then it was time! I had set my watch, massively optimistically, to buzz when I strayed from 3.59 – 4.15 minutes per kilometre. After the first k I was already way outside this so I just glanced at my watch from time to time as it was on the average pace screen. As it was infernally windy I was struggling along at around 4.20-25 pace. As I’d started at the front I was able to count my position as ladies flooded past me. Except they didn’t. One girl passed me around 4k. I tried to stick with her but she was too strong into the wind. Once we turned at 5k on a horrible grassy stretch I was able to see there weren’t any ladies close behind so I was pretty confident I could keep second place now the wind was behind me. The lady in front was too far ahead to catch so I just tried not to let the gap grow any bigger. It was utterly boiling on the way back but as there was no wind I was much happier. There was an unmanned water station at around 7k so I hurled a cup over my head. The aim for this race was just to put in 100% effort throughout and I felt I was doing this. Overhearing a spectator saying “that woman is dead” as I passed by 9k was objective proof that I was indeed succeeding. Eyes shut was another indicator. I crossed the line in a rather slow 42.44 but having put in the effort this was irrelevant. I was very pleased. My plan had worked. A confidence building run.

Colecting my ridiculously massive trophy

Colecting my ridiculously massive trophy

The complete haul

The complete haul

Stupidly over-large trophy

Stupidly over-large trophy

In the afternoon I finished off the day with a spot of bouldering with Lydia.

An excellent end to a so-so week. 29 miles in total.


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