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Oh what a difference a week makes. Track this time was freezing, bleak and not fun. I was scared I was going to slip over on the icy section even though Bob had tailored the session to make this a slower paced 200m. I did around 8 faster 200s on the non-slippery part but my right calf was unhappy, probably as a consequence of Plumpton on the preceding Saturday, so I bailed out after this. How very sensible of me.

I knew the tweaky calf was because I was doing fastish 200s so I felt confident that I would be fine for a long one on Tuesday. It was a fine day indeed for it was the return of The Three Ashmeigos. Rob, Danny and I. None of us were actually wearing Ashmeis but The Two Karrimors and the Thorloer doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Anyway whatever we were called it meant I managed 14 miles in pleasant(ly compressed) company, the middle 8 at a faster pace than I could ever manage on my own. Around 8.15mm. Thanks to Danny for setting the pace.

On Wednesday I thought it was time I went to the Arena tempo run. I knew Rick was going so at least there would be someone I could just about keep up with. The forecast was for a dry evening with light winds. Lie! It started off generally dank and with a light minge (as my mother called that sort of drizzly/misty rain – bloody northerners) but this soon turned into proper rain. Very soggy indeed. Also rather windy in both directions. Again. Not a particularly great run but a tempoish section through the middle and 8.5 miles over all to add to the bank.

Thursday was another long run. Turns out I was knackered. Dragged Rob on a very slow run averaging 9mm. He was only doing a short one so nice and easy for him. I ended up doing 12 miles ruing the tempo run of the night before. A good block of three runs though. It all helps (probably).

The next thing I knew it was time for parkrun again. I set my watch to race myself from last week. I lost. Or last week’s me won perhaps? I was pleased to reasch 2k in 7.58. First time under 8 minutes for ages. It obviously didn’t help though as I ended up running 20.30. This was fine though and I a blaming the youth who started talking to me with 500m to go for my lost 11 or so seconds. He was telling me how easy it was as I was expiring. He then took off pretending to be an aeroplane for the last 50m or so. Huff. Anyway it was OK and as long as I remain consistent ( anything within 20 seconds of myself is consistent in my book) all is well.

Today it was the Crowborough 10k. I was always just going to use it as enforced hell (Freudian typo) training and the chance to run through a ford twice. This I duly did finishing in 49 dead.

I then went climbing. I was feeling brave/reckless and although I wasn’t particularly good I gave it a go and managed to smash the living heck out of my elbows and knees and even managed to headbuttt the duck twice which I have never done before.

The Duck. Pure Evil.

The Duck. Pure Evil.

I also slid gracefully down the slab and managed some interesting landing manoeuvres, one involving an involuntary miniature cartwheel/arab spring. Despite being minutely concussed it was good and a fitting ending to the day.

49 miles for the week.


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