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The week started as is so often does, on Monday. Which meant track of course. This week wasn’t so cold that the track was icy which was a good start. Then Bob said the session was 8 x 900. Ug. The reps were to be paced thus: 800t, 100f. 700t, 200f all the way down to 100t, 800f to finish. I just stuck to the back of my group. I felt comfortable throughout. Good stuff.

Then everything went wrong. I had planned to go for a long run on Wednesday morning with Danny but his knee was playing up and I discovered when I got up on Tuesday that something untoward had happened to my left hip flexor. Then I had too much work to go to which meant 4 days rest.

Preston Park lured me over on Saturday morning for a totally freezing parkrun. My feet thawed out sometime after I finished. Surprisingly, although the ground looked very frosty it wasn’t slippery. However as I was dragging blocks of ice in place of feet it was quite tricky to get up a good pace (so it felt). I went watchless today. I think I do better without out. I put too much pressure on myself with. The information a watch provides doesn’t spur me on rather it just makes me get annoyed at how crap I feel I am. Anyway I guessed my time would be 20.51 as I was roughly 20 seconds behind Mal who had timed himself at 20.33. 20.52. What a guess! So although I felt I was somewhat hampered by frozen extremities my time was consistent with what I’ve been running recently.

In the afternoon it was off to Lancing for the next league cross country. This is my favourite of the cross countries but as I hate them all that doesn’t mean I like it. After Plumpton though it is a dream. Basically a big uphill followed by a big downhill. Took my Speedcross out for a test drive though this course is almost as dry as Goodwood. In fact they are still clean enough to wear to work.

Possibly a two feet on moment at the top of the first bit of hill - thanks Mike!

Possibly a two feet on moment at the top of the first bit of hill – thanks Mike!

On Sunday I went out for a run with some of the Arena crew. It was a nice gentle pace from the marina out towards Saltdean and back. There were a few dicey moments when the sea tried to get us by hurling itself over the sea wall but luckily Rob was there to make sure I soaked it all up so he remained dry.

As Trevor was injured he had to ride my bike but this is good as otherwise it shall never see any action as it is a mountain bike and I always just ride my old man bike around town.

Setting off along the cliffs towards Saltdean

Setting off along the cliffs towards Saltdean



Hitting the wall (Trevor's orders)

Hitting the wall (Trevor’s orders)

Post run  tea time

Post run tea time

A very short mileage week this week. 21 miles. Back on the LSR wagon next week.


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