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As there was some kind of event called “Christmas” going on there was no track on Monday. Instead I took to the streets for a LSR with Rob. As it was very very windy I thought a nice run inland would be sensible but Rob thought it would be an excellent idea to run down to the seafront and along to Carat’s café. This turned out to be a marvellous idea as I could hardly move whereas he was skipping along merrily. Good for … something I’m sure. Anyway it meant when we turned round we were positively zooming back Brightonwards. We then cut back inland so that I didn’t need to run back once again into the horrible wind. Well I would of course but along Old Shoreham Road which I hoped would be slightly less hellish than the seafront. In the end I went up to Dyke Road Avenue and then down Woodland Drive so only a short stretch on Old Shoreham Road that was thankfully slightly less windy.

It was a good start to the week regardless of windiness as I notched up a good solid 14 miles.

On Wednesday I went out for another, this time in the esteemed company of Danny and Stephen. It was still a bit windy but nowhere near as awful as Monday and we stuck to a more inland route. Apart from the seafront bit but that was going with the wind and I requested an inland return so that I would not once again have to battle the wind home along the seafront. We were averaging 8.20mm and I felt the need to attempt to throw in a faster last two miles. I felt like I picked up the pace when I rejoined Old Shoreham Road for the homeward leg so a successful 11 over all.

On Wednesday, 2014 years after Jesus was being born, I was taking part in an unofficial reverse-direction Hove Park parkrun organised by Hove Hornets

As most people were taking it easy I found myself in the lead for the first 500m or so (except for a man being dragged along by a speeding dog). I did not like this but luckily I was overtaken by a few people at the top of the wiggly path. I had decided I actually had to try in a run having not really done so for a year(ish). I still knew Andy would overtake me at some stage even though he is injured so was having to take it easy on the up/downhills. I made it to about 4k before he went passed me. Dagnammit! However I was still about 5th and the main fact was I tried all the way (I think) and crossed the line in 20.22 which is somewhat better than I’ve done recently. I was rather pleased with this time and my effort throughout.

A merry band of unofficial parkrunners

A merry band of unofficial parkrunners after a splendidly sunny and for once not windy reverse direction parkrun in Hove Park

On Boxing Day it was off to Preston Park for the traditional Boxing Day Races. I always plump for the full 4 laps of the park which is approximately 5.5 miles in total. I wanted to give this race my full effort too. It was absolutely blinking freezing and I set off with completely frozen fingers and toes as seems to have been the case on every run recently. On the first lap I stormed (as much as I ever do) up the long hill on the 3rd side. I tried to use the downhill too.

Speeding round Preston Park

Speeding round Preston Park

Although I inevitably slowed down after the first lap I kept up the effort. Cathy sped past me and I was unable to keep with her but I still managed to finish in third place somehow.

I quite enjoyed this run as I was pleased I’d managed to put in full effort for a second day running (pun intended).

I was surprised to discover it was then Saturday so it was back to Preston Park for a normal parkrun. It was so unbelievably cold and windy I was slightly worried my face might fall off on the bottom straight. Alas it did not. It did however cause me to slow down massively. Joe had slowed down to run with me and really helped me to keep going. It turned out that I was able to try even harder this time then ever before. I then realised I am one of those really annoying breathers that one tries to escape from. High pitched wheezing fool. I was totally surprised and majorly disappointed when I crossed the line in 21.04 as I put in so much more effort than I can ever remember having done. Oh dear. No matter though as I proved to myself that I CAN put in effort and hopefully one day when the weather is less Arctic and I haven’t raced the two days previously perhaps I could actually be faster again.

This morning (Sunday) it was off to The Level with the posse for a 10 mile loop over to Rottingdean.

The group before ascending Elm Grove. Alas Rob is totally obscured by that infernal pole

The group before ascending Elm Grove. Alas Rob is totally obscured by that infernal pole

We set off up Elm Grove and I discovered to my great surprise that I found it reasonably comfortable. What the? I don’t think I’ve ever found a hill easy ever. Ever. Possibly helped by me having been thinking of Bear Road which is much steeper and more evil, but then perhaps I would have been able to speed up there too. After this ascent it was an undulating but very pleasant run in the bright sunshine, freezing temperatures and not too windy wind to complete a good running week. 49 miles of mainly frostbitten windiness.


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