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This week as Monday’s weather looked much more clement I was confident track would be on so I just went out for an easy 5 miles in the morning to get any Lido out of my legs (not that I actually did anything so they hardly needed it).

Indeed it was a pleasant evening for track and I knew I would have a good session as Saturday and Sunday had been so utterly awful. The session was (4 x) 600t (1m), 400f (100j), 300f (1m). We made sure we kept our tempo speed down so we could keep the fast bits fast. This session was right up my street and I had a most jolly time striding out on the fast sections. I made sure I kept consistent (as far as I could tell watchless) on the fast bits. I feel I succeeded. I was very pleased with this session as I worked hard throughout and it made up for the truly horrible weekend’s worth of running.

I thought it would be a brilliant idea to do 6 x 1k reps on the seafront on Wednesday as extremely strong winds were forecast. Lo! They were right. I chose to do the first 500m of each rep into the wind with the second half behind and my 2 mins rest between reps was spent hiding behind a beach hut. The plan was to do each k in 4 minutes. This was a somewhat foolish target taking in to consideration the conditions. The outward leg was stupid, I could hardly move and I was being buffeted all over the place. At one stage I was blown straight into a beach shelter. Also the prom was rather stone-covered which didn’t help and many a bemused dog walker stared at me. All my reps were (unsurprisingly) too slow ranging from 4.04 to 4.18 with an average of 4.12ish. The loss was made in the first 500 with the second, wind assisted, section being 2  minutes as it should. Although my times were rather off I was pleased with the session as the weather was truly terrible and I still got out there and did it.

Thursday was forecast to be equally windy and horrible but in fact it was sunny and cold and not at all windy. I met up with the esteemed Rob on Old Shoreham Road where we proceeded in a westerly direction for a time before cutting through to the seafront where we had thought we would be wind assisted but as it wasn’t windy we just continued as normal. As it was such an unexpectedly pleasant day weather-wise I thought it would be good to get a long one in the bag so by the time I returned home I had notched up around 15 miles. As we kept the pace nice and slow (around 8.45mm) the run felt very comfortable.

On Saturday it was a slight change of scene as I went to Hove Park for parkrun. The park was rather icy and snowy in parts (this I was not expecting) so my plan for a speedy run was slightly dented (notwithstanding the fact I’m just not actually fast at the moment). However I managed to keep up a reasonable effort the whole way round which is my main target for the time being. My time was dead on 21 which considering the weather I was happy with.

35 miles for the week with a good balance of sessions so hopefully soon I shall start to see some improvement in my times.


Posted 01/02/2015 by Isobel Muir in Blog, Brighton & Hove, parkrun, Running

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