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I’m afraid there’s no way to start this but the inevitable. So here goes… Monday it was off to track for some more speed(ish) work. I arrived too early again and was perturbed to find a load of police in the car park and the lower gate open. However I made it into the stadium without being arrested so all was well. I was then further perturbed when I saw there was a film crew on the back straight. Obviously they wanted more after my scintillating post-half commentary. This made me self conscious as I jogged round and round on my own warming up before anyone else arrived. Soon enough though more people arrived. This week’s session was 8 x 800 – the first one run at a reasonable pace – followed by the remaining 7 moving back about ten metres each time but to be run in the same time. My group, this week consisting of Paul, Rick, Dorian and Pete, did our first one way too slowly (except Paul) which meant all our others were faster but thus they were a reasonable speed. This was a hard session but good and I felt that I had worked hard but keeping it consistent which is always the plan.

I have yet to see any of this session on TV so a good evening all round.

Tuesday = Rest day.

Wednesday dawned sunnily but with a stiff (snigger) wind blowing in the opposite direction to normal which made it extra freezing as well as perturbing. It didn’t stop me having a very pleasantly uncompressed LSR with Rob. As I wanted to check out some distance markers for the evening’s run club we went a little further along the seafront than normal which meant I clocked up around 13 miles by the time I got back home, wind assisted for once.

In the evening I sent my group off to do some longish reps whilst I went with the run/walk lady so it was a nice little recovery run for me bringing me up to around 18 miles for the day.

On Thursday I had planned to do 4 x 1 mile reps at Hove Park so after much procrastination anticipating the horridness to come I set off. I noted immediately that there were a lot of school children there. Arg! Luckily though they were almost completely confined to the grass so I was safe to proceed. It didn’t even seem as doggish and crowded as last time so only one rep was disrupted by canine interference. Last time I did this session I averaged 6.24 so I was amazed when I ran 6.07, 6.07, 6.08, 6.08. Not just by the speed but the consistency. Good grief.

Another rest day on Friday meant I was ready to go for sub 20 FOR THE GADZILLIONTH TIME on Saturday. For some reason after reading the weather forecast which said 2 degrees I massively underdressed for the cycling over to Preston Park so was summarily freezing when I arrived. After a bit of a warm up it was once again time to run. So we bally well did! The wind seemed to have changed direction again and was rather cold. Even more reason to run faster to stay warm and get back into my coat. For some reason I had decided to wear my watch (just a stop watch) but I didn’t look at it once so I shan’t do that again. I set off at what I hoped was sub 20 pace knowing that there were plenty of people around who I need to be near to get sub 20. Jacob came up next to me around 1.5k and said I was pacing him. I alas could not respond as I was already knackered. He kept with me, or I with him, for a while until he pulled away from me. I tried to keep with him, then Jim when he went past but I wasn’t able to on this occasion. I felt I worked much harder this time, maybe because of the freezingness and the wind, but in fact I only knocked 8 seconds off last week’s time. However this meant I ran 19.57. Oh my God! Finally, a mere year and a half or so later I’m back in the 19s! Just…

positive parkrun progression

positive parkrun progression

I rounded off the week with a steady 7 miles at what I’m guessing was around 7.20-30 pace. It was once again rather windy but this time I OVERdressed to make up for Saturday.

42 miles for the week.


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