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It was another rather cold evening at the track on Monday. Withdean seems to have its own climate at least a few degrees colder than in balmy Hove-On-Sea. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy though. Mark was in charge of the session today and it was another based on 800s. This time it was 8 x 800 – 100t, 300f, 100j, 300f with one minute recovery between 800s. As always I tried to stick with Rick as he always paces these things well (or better than me at least). This week I actually managed to tire my legs out by the 7th rep. Usually my lungs (and mind) conk out long before my legs get a look in so that was progress (of some sort…).

Tuesday has become an official rest day. I could have gone out for a recovery run but decided to let the first part of Wednesday’s LSR have that honour. It did. Although Wednesday was quite sunny it was still utterly freezing. I do wish spring would hurry up. I’m getting fed up of it being so cold. Luckily I had the company of Rob so at least I wasn’t alone and he wasn’t even wearing gloves! I am nowhere near that brave. Anyway, after having got stuck at the lock gates for the second week running, we notched up another 11 slow and easy miles.

In the evening I added another 5 easy miles whilst taking Run Club.

On Thursday I decide to do a tempo 7 miler. I think I might have gone out too fast not realising that I was wind assisted. Once I turned into the wind I slowed down but tried to keep up the effort. As I am watchless I don’t know what pace I was running but have a sneaky suspicion it may have been faster than it should have been. Never mind. A accidental midweek solo race once in a while cant do much harm…

… but I think it did.

On Saturday as I set off for Preston Park with a plan to cement my sub 20 I discovered I could hardly even cycle. So weak and energyless. I had to put my bike in the lowest gear for the hill up to Dyke Road. I haven’t had to do that since the great feebleness of early 2014. I finally reached the park and discovered it was utterly freezing and windy AGAIN. I was still completely oblivious to the signs and it wasn’t until I started running that I realised I was totally knackered. Oh. I battled on of course but even using all my effort I got slower and slower and slower. Many years later I crossed the line to record a time a mere two minutes slower than last week. Never mind. I have been doing lots of proper training recently so perhaps it is time for a little rest and a mini taper week.

Bearing that in mind (but mainly because I couldn’t face going out into the stupid cold AGAIN) I didn’t run this (Sunday morning). Hopefully with this extra rest day I shall be back fired with enthusiasm, and energy, ready for another good track session tomorrow.

32 miles for the week.


Posted 22/03/2015 by Isobel Muir in Arena 80 AC, Blog, parkrun, Running, Track

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