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Unfortunately I was still feeling tired and somewhat insane in the membrane but I hoped I might still be able to dredge something up for a worthwhile track session. Thankfully the session was a combination of short fast reps which I am better at. 6 x 300, 3 x 500 and 4 x 200s to finish. Although I was OK I knew I would normally be faster over all if I weren’t so generally tired. Anyway I stuck with the group so know that I must have been acceptable.

Wednesday meant LSR time. Rob joined me which was pleasant as always. The highlight of this run was watching a rather large boat being chaperoned along the Old Shoreham Road by Police motorbikes with Wide Load stickers on their windscreens and the ensuing impatience of drivers who couldn’t even wait a few minutes and started driving over the central reservation. A white van man decided to try and run us over before enquiring whether he could actually just drive like a normal up the road, which he could. In other news I was massively anxious and kept jumping like Scooby Doo at everything and nothing. If I had a heart rate monitor it would have exploded. Luckily Rob found this quite amusing. The run itself was nice and slow and the weather (and lock gates) for once was reasonably warm though windy. 12 miles in the massively paranoid and anxious sack.

In the evening it was a nice easy 5 ish mile run to the Marina and back with my Run Clubber.

Even though I know I need a jolly good rest the foolish part of my brain won (another sign I need a jolly good rest contradictorily) and I set off on what could only ever be a disappointing set of k reps on the seafront. It was very much less windy than last time I attempted this but the wind picked up as I progressed. 3.51, 3.49, 3.53, 3.55, 3.54. I suppose these are actually acceptable times and I’m giving myself extra points for dragging myself out and doing them even though I really didn’t want to (though I would/should have given myself extra extra extra points if I’d stayed in and rested which would have been the sensible thing to do).

Saturday was a complete write off as I knew it would be. I must learn to be sensible and rest when I need to because running a rubbish parkrun shall never help as much as NOT running one at all and actually having a sodding rest! All the signs are rampant that I NEED to rest so why oh why do I keep going until I reach this stage? Blinking fool.

Thankfully as it was the London Marathon today I did NOT run as I need to get out early otherwise I won’t do anything and the programme ran (geddit?) from 8.30 am until 2.30pm.

I am REALLY going to try and rest this coming week (after Monday’s track session of course) as I have the Sussex Marathon Weekend next weekend and need to not be like the last few weeks of knackered, paranoid, anxious uselessness.

30 miles for the week just gone.

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Monday the thirteenth! Oh My God! How can a day be unlucky if it’s a track day though? It was not. The session for the evening was a change from the usual with only a third of each set being fast. We started off with a fast 1k, 30s recovery then on to a slower 800m, 30s recovery, finishing with an even slower 400m. After a minute we did it all again. Then again. It worked though as the slow bits were still quite fast though they didn’t feel it as so much slower than the fast 1ks. The aim was for each 1k rep to be quicker than the preceding one. We didn’t quite manage it with times of 3.42, 3.35 and 3.40 but as we were running in lane 2 so were actually doing 20m extra these were pleasing times, especially for me as I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly run a 3.35k before. The average pace was 5.35ish which again is something I haven’t done before so this was good.

After the failure of last week’s taper I decided to try and become less tired by resting on Tuesday and only going out with Run Club on Wednesday evening. This meant an easy four miles.

On Thursday I went out for a 5 mile run but really I shouldn’t have as it was a massive struggle and I don’t think I was doing anything over 9mm.

I rested on Friday.

Saturday was an Arena 80 Superseries at Preston Park parkrun. This meant vests had to be donned and points would be garnered from finishing position in terms of Arena. Unfortunately Thursday’s warm and pleasant weather had gone and it was back to freezing and windy. There was still a good turnout of blue clad Arena folk and the ladies managed to take the top three positions. Well done especially to Tara who ran her first sub 20, coming second lady in the process.

A good Arena turnout for the superseries event

A good Arena turnout for the superseries event

Before this run I watched the Brighton marathon highlights programme and discovered I had made it onscreen again. It wasn’t quite as bad as the half as there was no sound though there was still much arm flailing even though the clip was only 2 seconds long and this time diluted by the presence of Rob rather than Tristan.

Fame again! Twice in one year

Fame again! Twice in one year

Last year's BM10k fame. Similar arm and even more matching outfits

Last year’s BM10k fame. Similar arm and even more matching outfits

Having not done a long run for a while I dragged myself out on Sunday for a 10 miler. It was pleasantly sunny but there was, once again, a cold headwind in three directions on the seafront. I managed to meet Dan twice who must have been doing something similar but in the opposite direction (and considerably faster I’d imagine).

28 miles for the week and I’m ruing Thursday’s run but maybe I’ll feel more infused with energy for the coming week.

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I had planned for this week to be a taper week in preparation for the Brighton Marathon 10k. I got off to a bad start on Monday. There was no track as it was a bank holiday so I meant to go out for a gentle 5 mile run. Unfortunately as it was a bank holiday and the weather was the best it has been thus far this year there were PEOPLE. I ran along Basin Road to avoid the seafront which would have been heaving but even the short stretch around Carat’s café was packed and caused me to develop pavement rage. This manifested itself in my getting faster and faster and faster. I don’t know how fast but faster than I meant. I need to learn to remain calm. Ha! As if.

On Wednesday I had a gentle (ish) 6 miler incorporating a few reps of Duke’s Mound and The Weakest link route.

Thursday was a 3 miler that felt very hard even though I think it was rather slow. This taper week wasn’t going very well…

On Saturday I chose to do Hove Park parkrun as time was tight with having to work at the Marathon expo in the afternoon. I haven’t done this one for a while. It started off ok but then the weather suddenly became utter cack, freezing, windy and raining. I was disappointed with my 20.09 until I realised that actually that was quite good considering the conditions.


This morning (Sunday) was time for the Brighton Marathon 10k. I knew I wasn’t going to go sub 40 as I had hoped but I wanted to go out as if I were and just see how far I got. I boarded Trevor and Danny’s sub 40 train at the start line but alas become decoupled around 3k. The wind seemed to be a headwind in three out of four directions. Running in to the wind has always been something I struggle with and I certainly did today.

Putting in a vaguely speedy finish to a shoddy BM10k. Thanks Alan for the photo I have stolen without asking

Putting in a vaguely speedy finish to a shoddy BM10k. Thanks Alan for the photo I have stolen without asking

My taper week was unsuccessful as I felt very tired even though I did cut down, but I know this was due to a hectic week at work which was both physically and mentally draining. Anyway I struggled home in a disappointing 41.21. However I knew at worst this would be a tempo training run so I shall chalk it down as just that and focus on the next race.

A few of the Arena BM10k posse. Extra special well dones to Trevor for finally joining the sub 40 crew!

A few of the Arena BM10k posse. Extra special well dones to Trevor for finally joining the sub 40 crew!

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Monday. Track. More running. This time it was six lots of the following: 200j, 600t, 200/300f (on alternate reps). Still cresting the wave of a good parkrun followed by Mel’s Milers 10k this session went very well. Managed to keep with the group all the timer and even found myself keeping up with Mark at the end when others had dropped back a bit. Spiffing.

Tuesday was yet again a day of rest (God is probably fed up with me by now). Although cycling home from work on the seafront in a 40mph headwind was in itself a hardcore strength session so not so much a rest day after all.

On Wednesday I got back on the LSR wagon having not done one last week (tsk). My trusty LSR sidekick came along too to make it a much more pleasant undertaking. It was a little windy but acceptable. We stuck to a nice easy pace after our efforts over the weekend and Monday.

In the evening I took my Run Club member out for her last Wednesday before the marathon so I decided we would just go out into the vicious headwind for 25 minutes then turn round and try and make it back to the start in 20. This was a foolish miscalculation on my part but we made it back in 22.30 so all was still well. I cycled home in land this time which was much easier.

On Thursday I had planned to do some mile or k reps but a hard three days of training plus a double Wednesday had caught up with me and I knew if I tried the reps they wouldn’t be fast enough and might actually be detrimental as they’d leave me with nothing left to give at the road relays ob Saturday so instead I went out and did a truncated version of the 6 x 1 race prep run Emily told me about (thanks Rob for suggesting this). I started off with only 15 minutes at a steady pace before launching (well more heaving) into the 6 x 1 minute fast/1 minute jog. These didn’t seem quite so bad but once I’d finished I was happy I only had 7 minutes more steady running before I was back home. Knackered.

Saturday was the day of Christ’s Hospital Road Relays, an Easter running staple, and one of my favourite races of the year. The ladies and O50 men all run at the same time with each team consisting of 3 runners. Each leg is 2.1 miles which is perfect for a short stuff lover such as myself. This year I wanted to finally break into 12 minutes after getting down to 13.10 in 2013. Once the teams had been declared I discovered I would be running second leg in the Senior A team. This sounded good until I realised it meant I would be going off after Fiona C who is tres speedy so I would be very much at the front when I set off. Gulp. I had already experienced this once at Goodwood relays where I set off a clear minute ahead of everyone else and ran like a blistering lunatic such was the fear of losing her massive lead. This time I realised there would at least be a few men ahead (probably). Anyway Fiona arrived in 4th place over all (one lady and two men ahead) so I sped off, before regaining my senses and slowing down a bit.

Speeding off on leg 2. Thank you Lee for the photo

Speeding off on leg 2. Thank you Lee for the photo

Yes 2.1 miles is short but not THAT short. I managed to overtake two men, close down a little on the girl in front, and not lose Tom too much when he careered past me about half way round. This was pleasing. After handing over to Emma I felt like I had tried my best so had to hope for something with a 12 before the seconds… 13 sodding minutes dead! Arg! After being hacked off for a while I surmised that actually it was ok. A 10 second course pb in much more unfavourable conditions than 2013, still feeling pretty knackered from last weekend and running the whole leg basically on my own. Obviously I still feel I should have gone faster but as I was trying the whole way round there wasn’t really anything I could have done about it.

Managing to wear my medal completely perpendicular so as to be invisible. Thanks Rob for taking the photo but not pointing this out

Managing to wear my medal completely perpendicular so as to be invisible. Thanks Rob for taking the photo but not pointing this out

Senior Ladies Bronze

Senior Ladies Bronze

My team still managed to win bronze even though I was a good minute slower than my teammates so a pretty successful day all round.

I knew I would be joining Trevor and the posse for a 10 miler on Sunday so I hoped it would be a nice gentle trot. It was NOT. I found myself sticking with Dorian for fear of getting lost. He was planning on a pace of 8.25.



This went out of the window immediately as we zoomed down Old Shoreham Road at 7.45 pace. We totally failed to see the road Trevor wished us to turn up before the airport and then ended up going all the way down Shoreham Beach before returning to the new bridge which meant we suddenly found ourselves behind everyone else and a run of 13 miles looming. Dorian decided we should stop dead when he reached 20 miles, which we did, before returning the last mile at a comfortable jog. So an unexpected tempo 12 (with 1 mile jog cool down).

Stopping at precisely 20 miles (for Dorian). Then continuing the last mile back to the start

Stopping at precisely 20 miles (for Dorian). Then continuing the last mile back to the start

After refuelling with a can of Coke (Happy Easter!) at the café and gathering a few Easter Eggs and a Kit Kat chunky (thanks Mark), I returned home, where I have remained ever since (it is only Sunday afternoon as I write this).

A sturdy and pretty tiring 42 miles in the bank for this week.

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