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Monday the thirteenth! Oh My God! How can a day be unlucky if it’s a track day though? It was not. The session for the evening was a change from the usual with only a third of each set being fast. We started off with a fast 1k, 30s recovery then on to a slower 800m, 30s recovery, finishing with an even slower 400m. After a minute we did it all again. Then again. It worked though as the slow bits were still quite fast though they didn’t feel it as so much slower than the fast 1ks. The aim was for each 1k rep to be quicker than the preceding one. We didn’t quite manage it with times of 3.42, 3.35 and 3.40 but as we were running in lane 2 so were actually doing 20m extra these were pleasing times, especially for me as I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly run a 3.35k before. The average pace was 5.35ish which again is something I haven’t done before so this was good.

After the failure of last week’s taper I decided to try and become less tired by resting on Tuesday and only going out with Run Club on Wednesday evening. This meant an easy four miles.

On Thursday I went out for a 5 mile run but really I shouldn’t have as it was a massive struggle and I don’t think I was doing anything over 9mm.

I rested on Friday.

Saturday was an Arena 80 Superseries at Preston Park parkrun. This meant vests had to be donned and points would be garnered from finishing position in terms of Arena. Unfortunately Thursday’s warm and pleasant weather had gone and it was back to freezing and windy. There was still a good turnout of blue clad Arena folk and the ladies managed to take the top three positions. Well done especially to Tara who ran her first sub 20, coming second lady in the process.

A good Arena turnout for the superseries event

A good Arena turnout for the superseries event

Before this run I watched the Brighton marathon highlights programme and discovered I had made it onscreen again. It wasn’t quite as bad as the half as there was no sound though there was still much arm flailing even though the clip was only 2 seconds long and this time diluted by the presence of Rob rather than Tristan.

Fame again! Twice in one year

Fame again! Twice in one year

Last year's BM10k fame. Similar arm and even more matching outfits

Last year’s BM10k fame. Similar arm and even more matching outfits

Having not done a long run for a while I dragged myself out on Sunday for a 10 miler. It was pleasantly sunny but there was, once again, a cold headwind in three directions on the seafront. I managed to meet Dan twice who must have been doing something similar but in the opposite direction (and considerably faster I’d imagine).

28 miles for the week and I’m ruing Thursday’s run but maybe I’ll feel more infused with energy for the coming week.


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