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Not much to report this time after writing this on Monday last week and then resting.

On Friday I went out for a small jog just to test my massively bruised and painful balls. Of my big toes! Jeez. Anyway they passed.

On Saturday I went to Preston Park parkrun just to jog it in preparation for the Hastings 5 mile race. Also to collect my champagne which I won for being 3rd female over the three races last weekend. Thank you to Mal for collecting it. After not downing the whole bottle in a fit of recklessness it was time to jog round. An easy 23 minutes.

Third female over the course of the Mid Sussex Marathon weekend

Third female over the course of the Mid Sussex Marathon weekend

Today I headed over to Hastings for a 5 mile race. I haven’t done many 5 mile flat road races so I decided a pb might be on the cards. The only race I could think of that was similar was the Midsummer 5 that I ran in 2013 (bloody 2013) where I clocked 34.42. This should have been an easy time to beat so a reasonable target given that I am still mainly knackered from last weekend’s endeavours. After arriving courtesy of Dan (thank you) to a misty cold seafront I was pleased when the mist lifted and the sun arrived around half an hour before the race started. I had decided to dress for May regardless of the weather so it was the first time in just a vest without hundreds of under-layers. I had brought my visor too so I donned that for extra blinkers. Soon enough it was time to go.  

Preston Park parkrun take note

I managed to stick with Caroline, Vicky and Emma for about 60 metres before they disappeared into the unknown. Which soon became known as a wee-smelling promenade archway. It was very slippery, probably from them vainly trying to hose away the wee. After what seemed like days I passed the 1 mile marker. Oh dear. This was going to be a loooooooooong race. Many people were passing me. Many more did. I passed a few. Ali told me to “come on” as she passed and I managed to keep vaguely with her for the remaining 2 or so miles. I don’t know why but this race seemed to go on and on and on. The mile markers were at least 2 miles apart. Finally I reached the end. Couldn’t even muster a sprint finish and forgot to look at the finish clock. Rob texted me my finish time before I’d even seen it and I discovered it was 34.20 (a 22 second pb). This didn’t seem very good but then Caroline reminded me that I had just done the threekend. She said it was amazing I’d actually managed to get out and do it. This made me feel a bit better. Also it means I have a really soft pb to smash next time I do a 5 mile road race.

All medals seem mediocre after last week's

All medals seem mediocre after last week’s

Only 17 miles for the week but I don’t feel any better for it.

3000m track race tomorrow.


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