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On Monday I was totally pooped after Worthing (even though my run was utter bilge) and I only managed what could be referred to as a recovery track session. Emily managed to take one photo where I looked like I was running. Pretty good going as not sure I really was at any stage.

The session was a mix of 200s and 300s which I’d usually be pretty good at but not today! So I shall move on…

Tuesday heralded a MSR with Rob. 10 miles of pleasant (ly compressed) company in unpleasant swirling winds. 

Wednesday meant part two of vets league. Yeeeees! Off to Worthing we set in the venga bus (Joe’s car). Somehow we had 12 whole people doing this one and I had a real life, actual, bona fide scoring relay team! I’m getting ahead of myself though. First I had the 200 to contend with. Due to a ridiculously strong headwind on the home straight I knew a fast time was out of the question and the girl who always beats me was there so I just thought come home in second as that’s where I should be and don’t worry about what was bound to be an awful time. I was in lane one which is perfect as I love the inside lane as I can chase from the start. Obviously I did a standing start. Too old and inflexible to get up from a crouch start.  

Before hitting the wind

The first 50 metres was good as I’d already overtaken a few runners but then bang, the wind was afoot and I ground to a halt. Of course everyone else did too so it was a battle against the wind for the last 100 metres or so. Somehow as we neared the finish I drew level with, then overtook, the girl who has beaten me every single time we’ve raced. OM actual G! 

I had decided due to my enduring tiredness, the utter windiness and because I wanted to do the long jump properly, not to do the 800 or 3000. This meant I could do all three of my jumps without having to intersperse an 800 between jump one and two. I always want to have a 4 on the start of my jump so 3 metres 99 for the first was not so good. However on jump two I sailed out to 4.16 somehow so was very pleased. On my third jump I tried a new tack of jumping whilst simultaneously spectating the 800. This was unsuccessful and I sort of face planted into the sand for 3m 82. However not having run the 800 paid off as I won the long jump too.

Next there was a nice break where I didn’t run the 3000. It was good to be able to watch the men’s race especially as there were Arenas aplenty.

The last event of the night dawned. The 4×400 relay. I was overexcited just from having a scoring team for the first time but also had a sneaky suspicion that we could win.

Joe has captured the whole thing beautifully 


Katherine on first leg hands over to Jenny  


Jenny storms home to hand over to Lesley



I power home, eyes shut of course, to claim Arena victory by quite some margin

Win we did! Everyone smashed their legs meaning by the time the baton reached me there was no way we could lose. Struggling towards the line with zonked legs I was so pleased to have had such an enjoyable and successful evening, regardless of the killer wind.

 The full complement of Arena oldies

 On Thursday and Friday I went out for gentle runs to try and remove sprinters stiffness from legs. Failed.
Thus on Saturday I was not very good at parkrun. Somehow, once again, Emily made it look like I was running. Thanks Emily!

However my fellow Wednesday run clubbers did very well with Jo and Sarah running their first and Megan already on her second. Only a year or so until their 50 t shirts!

Runners Need Run Club posse post run

Today it was time to marshall the annual Arena Hove Park races. It was in turns cold, wet, sunny and warm. 

 Hi vis Arena posse 
I wasn’t idle however and after my duties were done I went climbing. Having not been for months I was very out of practice and couldn’t stand up on the duck due to fear of heights but it was nice to be doing something that wasn’t running even if rather badly. I have somehow bruised the back of hand but am otherwise unscathed over and above the usual bouldering related usually-unused muscle aches.

A busy week. 29 miles of running, an hour or so of climbing and a spot of marshalling.


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