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Due to an attack of bad stuff in the brain I did 8 very slow miles on Monday morning in an attempt to run myself back to sanity. It did not work. 

Track. Steve was in charge. Kilometre reps x 6. Split into 500t, 300 @ 10k pace and 200 @ 5k with 90s recovery. Pete dragged me back up to his group which I had fallen out of some time around May for reasons I don’t even recall. I managed to keep up for the first 4 x 500, dropping off as the others sped up. This was no doubt due to the fact the “tempo 500” was probably my current 5k pace. I persevered but only did the 500t of the last two reps as by then I had dropped off the group even before the end of that first 500. This could be termed laziness, and may well have been – by me – , in the past but now I realised it might be good to not keep flogging a dead horse and bow out gracefully rather than tiring myself out further for no gain. I told Pete he must drag me into his group each week as it definitely makes me work harder and improve which is, after all, the point of training. Quality not quantity. 

Tuesday = rest.

Wednesday was quite hot and as Rob was ill I did not do a LSR in the morning. I decided instead to run to Run Club in the evening as that would give me around 10 miles by the time I got home. Which it did. 

On Thursday I wanted to try Tom’s session without having done a run in the morning. So I duly trotted over in the evening. I knew the session was mile reps. Between three and five. I wanted to do them as close to six minutes as I could. After a few drills it was time to run. I set off purposefully and probably a little too fast (surprise). I finished in 6.19 with Cathy right behind me. I know she gets progressively faster as the session continues so I knew I would need to try and keep up with her. I did not. She got a few seconds faster on each rep as I got slower. After a 6.23 and a 6.27 I decided to stop having done the minimum number of reps and once again thinking it would be beneficial to do the last two as they would only have been ever slower, tiring me out for no gain and making me further annoyed with myself. Cathy quite rightly pointed out we should be much nearer to 6 minutes anyway. Well the test of not running in the morning seems to show I am worse so perhaps I’ll run in the morning again next time.

In a bold and frankly shocking move I asked Rob if he would like to run with me on Friday (Friday! I ask you [well I asked him actually]). He agreed and requested we draw as spaghetti-y a GPS route as we could so as soon as we met we went of piste taking in the side streets of Hove, Portslade and Fishersgate. We crammed 10 miles into a reasonably small area and discovered some places we didn’t know existed. 

We were going to go to Hove Park parkrun for a change of scene but do to some hungry cats and the wrong key we ended up at Preston Park. I was feeling strange (in a different way to the usuals) and didn’t fancy actually running. Luckily (well not for him of course) Rob had strained his back so was happy to trot around with me. We started quite far back and just progressively sped up throughout. We did get lapped by the first two runners just as we were discussing never having been lapped there before. I was surprised by our 24.26 clocking as I thought it was slower. As there was no effort involved (except a few metres up the last hill) it was a thoroughly enjoyable run. A nice gentle test of my new shoes.  

I’m the one in pink socks! I copied Joe on the shoes though as he is a man of great taste (and I have giant man-size feet).

Sunday meant a race I haven’t done before. The Seaford 10k. Mark very kindly came to pick me up as he was doing the half marathon option. The weather was very wet and rather cold. Currently I am totally not in the mood for races and I just wanted to run incognito to get a 10k tempo in the bag if nothing else. I won a full size bag of porridge!   

Third lady but that’s irrelevant. Porridge!

46ish miles for the week. 


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