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Yes I made myself ill again. Why can I not manage more than a few weeks of reasonably hard training before I get a cold? I do everything one should to not catch one. Eat well and healthily with plenty of fruit and vegetables and other good stuff, exercise, take vitamin C and iron, get lots of sleep blah blah blah. Grrr. Anyway it means I don’t have much to tell you.

I was feeling better on Thursday so set out with Rob on an easy paced long run to test whether I was actually better or just going mad with not doing anything but sitting down (naturally this cold coincided with a week off work – though also with the Athletics World Championships). The running was fine and I felt no ill effects though we did get caught in an unexpected downpour towards the end that sent me on a sneezing spree when I returned home. Also the next day my knees really hurt. I reckon this was a combination of continuous sitting and the slow pace (my own doing) making me run like a knock kneed fool. 

On Saturday I went back to Preston Park parkrun as Hove Prom was off for a food festival. I knew I probably wouldn’t be great but intended to just put in the effort which is basically what I aim to do in any running situation that warrants it. Inevitably I slowed after the first few kilometres but made sure I kept up the effort. Rob passed me in the last 500m so I used my last vestiges of strength to shout some “encouraging” words to him. Although my time was a paltry 21.28 it was a 32 second improvement on last week and as long as the effort was there I can’t ask any more of myself. 

Good grief I actually sound like a sensible person! 


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  1. Ah I hate getting sick from training! I’ve been lucky so far but I know it’s gonna happen as soon as autumn hits!


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