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Still having a cold and having almost frozen to death the whole of Sunday after Littlehampton I decided to try and do a bit of resting. I managed two days. 

I fell off the wagon to some k reps in Hove Park with Rob. I’m trying to help him string a good set of sub 4 minute ks together. He managed this himself when I failed to be fast enough on the last two reps so he had to go it alone. I started off ok with 3.51 followed by 3.53. Just scraped 4 minutes for the third then died a true death on the last to roll home in 4.17 after abandoning ship at around 600m. Anyway Rob did what he wanted which was the aim of the session so hip hip hooray to my skillz (ahem…) as a coach. 

In the evening it was off to work for run club. As Jo was back we did a speed session. 8 x sprints of varying distances and perceived efforts. The shortest at 100% and some slightly longer ones at 80/90%. Pure death. Good though. Perhaps. My calves may disagree. 

I rested again on Thursday (couldn’t be bothered to go back out once I returned from work). 

On Friday I felt the need to do something vaguely long so I set off for an 8 mile (Eminem style). I didn’t lose myself in the music nor the moment nor did I own it but I did run approximately 8 miles reasonably easily which was the aim.

Hove Prom was not the place to do parkrun due to ridiculous multidirectional headwinds so off I set to Hove Prom to do parkrun. It took quite some time. 

The main event for the week was Hellingly 10k. I was under no impression I would be any good going on recent evidence. After standing about being quite chilly it was time to get going. After the usual parting of the start line crowds to let through a car at the last minute it was time to set off. Dan had reminded us the course is merely undulating with a mainly downhill last 2k so I was just going to attempt to beat last year’s time, a stunningly uninspiring 45.05. Somewhere around 2k I realised that EVERYTHING WAS GOING REALLY WELL. What the? It’s been so long (if ever in fact) that I have felt so much like I was actually running. I was bouncing along and didn’t even notice how tired I was and how much of a stitch I was managing to keep at bay. I had no watch so had no idea how I was doing but hordes of people weren’t streaming past and I was even overtaking people occasionally. I was taking giant strides which seems to be my natural gait when not crushed by depressive sulks. I even concentrated on picking it up from 5k rather than slowing down until 9k in the usual style. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Around 1k from the end I overheard some spectators saying I was 6th women so this spurred me on to keep going. The finish this year was a horrid rutted 100m or so round a tight bend so no sprinting but I tried to pick it up a bit without breaking my ankles.

Thanks to Danny for not knowing I’ve stolen his photo


Trying to speed on a non-speedy surface. Thanks Emma for the photos

I was pleased to discover my time of 43.17 as this is only about 30 seconds slower than my best here which was on the other course which seems like it should be shorter though obviously it wasn’t. I was indeed 6th lady (well counted spectators). I was second v35 and was 58/294 over all. 6/115 ladies. 

The Hellingly massive

Hopefully this run marks the release from the plague of the last few months of a heavy and dragging depressive episode. Bye bye! (Until the next one.)

24 miles for the week (+ 17 gadzillion sneezes).


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  1. Well done on the PB- good job! 43 mins is pretty impressive!


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