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As the track is still being resurfaced I decided to drag poor Rob out on an easy run for his birthday. This must surely have been his best birthday gift ever. Especially as he was hungover. I certainly know how to spoil people. Anyway we managed a very pleasantly paced 7 miles to commemorate his advancing age. 

On Wednesday it was time for k reps in Hove Park. As I’m pretty rested I should have been better at these than recent weeks. I was not. As usual I did the first in a too-fast-for-current-form 3.50. Then 3.58 followed by 4.05. The End. We were supposed to be doing 5 but I was getting far too slow and Rob didn’t feel very well so we abandoned ship (3rd week in a row for me I think). In the evening I ended up running with the slowest lady at Run Club so it was a nice easy 5 miles for me. 

Having run on the seafront on Wednesday I knew it was quite stony as a result of the windinesses of earlier in the week hurling the beach up onto the prom thus I opted to be helpful and run/volunteer at Preston Park parkrun. I arrived early to help set up. Well I arrived at the same time as I always do but helped set up rather than going for a warm up jog. After sheathing the bollards and setting up the finish funnel there was time to chat to some of the folk I’ve abandoned for Hove Prom (parkrun floozy) before the off. I didn’t have anything in mind for this run. At the moment I’m just notching them up for the 250. This was 239. Dammit that parkrun is only once a week. Hurry up! Anyway off I went until I returned as first lady 21 minutes and 18 seconds later. 

Today (Sunday) meant a train trip to Bexhill to run a one off 10k on the yet to open (and in fact still being built) Bexhill to Hastings Link Road. Rob came too. Other than that it seemed to be over 1000 people I’d never heard of (there was an entry list). Once we had passed a queue of people with trolleys outside Aldi waiting to go in I realised Bexhill leisure centre was where the Bexhill cross country starts from. Well duh! Obviously this race was much more pleasant as I love flat and road. The start was pretty narrow so we made sure we were near enough the front to not be trapped.  It was a very warm day so I was grateful that Rob had said we should wear our Arena vests. After the narrowness of the start it was quickly onto the full width of road. 

Plenty of space (No that’s not a high tech watch but a locker key)

It was nice and empty with plenty of room (though I did get cut up a few times still). Some of the road wasn’t surfaced which meant a few bumpy sections and exquisitely loamish bits that I quite liked (though not helpful for speed). Somehow I was first lady which led to amusement as I passed the marshals who radioed back my number. I did feel like I’d better ruddy well stay ahead seeing as that’s who the person announcing at the finish would be expecting. As we crossed paths at the 5k turn I saw the second lady was about 100 metres behind me. Yikes! I knew she’d started a bit behind me so in order to beat her on chip too I needed to get a blinking move on. Luckily after the brief steepish uphill to the turn point it was back the way we came which meant near enough flat with only minor undulations (rather like my front). As I neared the finish I suddenly heard someone shout “Go Nat!” Eeeeek. Hurry! I can’t lose first place in the last 200 metres. I did not. There was then a tense wait to see if I’d really beaten her but even on chip time I was 7 seconds ahead. Thank goodness! After a brief wait Rob arrived and we set off back to the leisure centre to reclaim our bags from a locker (I was wearing the locker key wristband which I kept looking at thinking it was my watch – which I wasn’t wearing). We didn’t want to have to hang around for the prize giving so I have no idea of the beauty and undoubted expense of my trophy but I did collect my finishers horse brass (how apt when running on a new road for motorised vehicles). 

Oooooo brassy!

My official time was 42.50 but I was pleased with my actual racing and quite enjoyed the route. Flat. Fast. Wide. Empty. 

Strava tells me I’ve run 24 miles this week. 


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