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As I had had a reasonably acceptable week last week I decided to start this week with an easy session at the track. Obviously I started in my usual group as Rick and I agreed we would always start with them but I knew I was only there for an easy session as I wanted to do Tuesday’s session properly. The session was 7 x 1k winding up the pace in the last 300m. I dropped down a group after the first one and was joined by Rick a few later after he’d had to lead the speedy group thus been demolished. Anyway for me it was basically a nice little run around the track.

This did mean however that I had to be proper on Tuesday evening. The session was to be 2 x 3 miles with around 4 minutes recovery. The weather was nowhere as windy as forecast and what wind there was would be behind us on the way back. Last time I did this session I ran 20.43 for the first and 20.21 for the second so I hoped to be able to replicate this. The first rep brought me home (no glowing cone this week alas) in 20.21 so I worried perhaps I had gone a little fast? The second rep started off into a much stiffer headwind than the first. Knowing that running into the wind is not a strength I decided to tuck in at the back of the main group that caught me approximately 500 m from the turn point as I knew as long as I didn’t drop off them I could get back in front on the way back with the wind behind. This I duly did. I finished this rep in 20.42 so basically the same as last time albeit the other way round. I was very pleased with this session as I did exactly what I wanted and didn’t let myself give up like I so often do. 

On Wednesday it was time for a LSR as usual. The weather turned out to be better than the forecast again and very mild and only a bit windy. We added a mile on as there are halves on the horizon. 11 miles and a little bit faster average pace so must keep this up. In the evening it was a Halloween themed work run club so I donned my cat ears and drew on some whiskers. Jo was dressed as an ewok. The session was hill reps on the seafront to pavement ramps. We started off with 5 minutes of Kenyan hills, same speed up as down. Then 4 minutes of sprint up walk down. Then Jo set the group to chase me up the ramp with her chasing them from behind. We must have looked interesting. Three normally dressed girls chasing a cat up a ramp with an ewok playing Star Wars music running after them. At least Jo hadn’t brought her spear this time. Sprinting up hill totally killed my poor legs after their morning’s exertions. 

I thought it best not to do Thursday’s session of 10 x 800. I could have done and it would have been fine but I’m trying not to run myself into yet another cold so sense prevailed for once. 

I should have gone for a recovery run on Friday but didn’t. 

Which meant that parkrun wasn’t very good. Well actually it meant no such thing. Though my run wasn’t very good. I’ve been spoilt with the quietness of Hove Prom so it was a bit of a shock to be back to a crowded start and continuously being hemmed in and cut up and worried by uncontrolled dogs etc etc.   

So fast I can’t be confined by the frame of a photograph (thanks Jemma for letting me steal your photo without knowing)

After a tremendously slow 4.12 first k I continued not to be fast then gave up even trying due to crowd rage and general malaise. 22.02. No one cares though as I am merely trying to make it to 250. 5 to go…

28 ish miles for the week and a good amount of resting.

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After a pretty hideous week in the mind last week culminating in an awful 10k, this week started off in the same vein at track after I dropped out of my group after the first set as I couldn’t keep up. (We were doing 4 x 800 easy followed by 3 x 300 fast with 30s rest between everything.) But no! What is this charging towards me? Trevor. He would not have it that I was too slow and he dragged me round until I’d caught back up with my group. He then took it upon himself to run the whole session with me shouting at me all the way and lo and behold I could do the session. This is exactly what I need. Someone running every step of the way with me swearing fulsomely and not letting me give up. Luckily Trevor was taking it a bit easy after Bright10 so he didn’t ruin his session by massively enhancing mine. Thanks Trevor! 

Buoyed by the brilliance of Trevor on Monday I set off for Tom’s Tuesday evening session looking to improve on the last time I did this session: 6 x 1 mile. Last time I did them all in about 6.40+ (I think, they’re in my old diary which I’ve put away and can’t be bothered to look at). I comfortably ran the first mile in 6.29 which was perfect as I want to be under 6.30 every time if possible. I hoped I hadn’t peaked too soon though didn’t think so as I was running strongly but not going overboard. There was only 90 seconds recovery between reps so I was very pleased and a little surprised when I completed the next 5 miles in 6.28, , 6.32, 6.33, 6.30 and 6.25 (let’s say the ones over 6.30 were due to dogs and not being able to press stop on watch). Anyway they were very consistent and I didn’t feel at any stage that I was really killing myself. 

On Wednesday I felt I should do an LSR to balance out all these speedy intervals and enlisted my trusty LSR partner Rob. The weather was pretty horrid. Very wet which meant my hands were frozen solid within minutes regardless of gloves. However we got an hour and a half of time on feet in the bank. In the evening it was back to the seafront for various % effort sprints of differing distances.

Thursday was another of Tom’s seafront sessions. 8 x 800. Averaged 3.10s last time. 90s recovery. 3.06, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.04, 3.03, 3.03, 3.02. I was very pleased with these as I didn’t feel I was trying overly hard. There was no hands on knees at the end of the reps. 

Next up was Arena super series Hove Prom parkrun. Naturally after many weeks of calm conditions it was rather windy. However after a stern talking to from Trevor I set off remembering that this was a race for position (within the Arena contingent). I found myself running with Kerry throughout. Tara had disappeared into the distance early on.

The point where I could have given up but didn’t

Rick came past around 3k as usual but, not as usual, I actually worked to keep with him and Kerry. As we took the last corner I knew I should be able to do a traditional Isobel and pip Kerry to the post in a windmilling sprint if necessary. It was. So I did. Third lady over the line, second Arena and 2 super series points in the bag. A good run, where I actually raced for position. Excellent. My time was ok too taking into account the wind. 20.41.

Arena crew post-run

This week was good so hopefully I can keep it up next week without succumbing to the seemingly inevitable cold that appears after a few good training weeks.

31 miles for the week.

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Having hardly done anything last week I decided to start Monday with a little run to the peace statue and back. Nice and easy in cold and sunny but not windy conditions. In the evening it was off to track, not in a monsoon, for the real run of the day. Now it’s more wintry it means the sessions tend to be stuff I don’t like so much. Though really that’s everything at the moment. Today it was 1 mile, 1k, 800m, 800m, 1k, 1mile with 90s recovery between reps. Rick and I stuck to our pact to start with the faster group. I ended up off the back of them almost from the start and Rick had to miss one out but he joined me for the last few. This is a better way to go about it than being too slow from the off when we are in the group below.    

Note how “my group” is nowhere to be seen

 Post track photo opportunity 

I was looking forward to Tom’s session on Tuesday evening as it was 3 x 2 mile reps which is exactly the sort of thing I’d never do on my own but that is complete,y necessary for 5/10k success. Also having done it not too long ago it would be easy to see if progress is being made. My first rep was exactly the same as last time so this time I just needed to not drop 20+ seconds over the next two like I did last time. I did not. 13.24 and 13.30. Much better. 

Wednesday meant time to fail to do k reps again. 3.58, 4.05. Bye. Sandwiched between some jogging with Rob(in). Not too surprising I failed after Monday and successful Tuesday evening. In the evening it was Run Club. Due to an influx of unrelated new people/latecomers/no Jo I just did the same as last week. A small selection of different length parlaufs. I was hoping to not actually run due to dodgy Achilles but the way it worked out I had to run to make three teams of three. Turned out to be fine and I quite enjoyed it in a vomit inducing way. 

Not a jot of running was done on Thursday or Friday.

Or Saturday. Though I did complete Hove Prom parkrun in 24.13. 

I also did a 10k on Sunday. 

The End. 

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On Monday it was finally back to the track. It was not a warm welcome. It was utterly and completely raining like the rainiest thing ever. Absolutely soaking. Although the track has been resurfaced it still retains its topographical features one of which is a significant dip just after the finish line in the bend that becomes a lake when it rains and boy was it raining! The first few laps I managed to stamp the puddle (lake) away but after a while it was an over the ankle wade each time. This was of no real consequence as every bit of every person was totally drenched. At least it wasn’t windy nor completely freezing. The session was 8 x 800 with 45 second recoveries. I was pleased to manage around 3.10 for each (though the last two may have been a little slower) especially as this is what I was doing on the seafront last Thursday with 2 minute recoveries. Plus the weather. 

I wanted to do Tom’s 6 x 1 mile session on Tuesday after work but having been soaked on the way to and from work (and at track the day before) I bailed out (rubbish accidental water based pun). 

I then bailed out of k reps the next day with Rob who also bailed out. Though we now have two more measured k loops to add to our collection for the next time we actually do a set. In the evening it was a short session of parlauf sprints on the seafront. The really short ones killed me off. I chose this session. Div. 

Since then I’ve basically done nothing except a not very good Preston Park parkrun to test out my new shoes. The shoes I “bought” with the £100 Brooks voucher I won for being first lady at th Bexhill Link Road 10k a few weeks ago.

  Immortalised in “print”  

Finally united with my trophy and the proceeds of my £100 Brooks voucher

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We were supposed to be back at track on Monday and as I had rested on Sunday I went out for a steady 5 miles in the morning just to remind myself about running. Unfortunately in the evening we found track was in fact still off so we had to decamp to Preston Park.  

Looks ok to me but supposedly it’s not dry yet

I find Preston Park a little dark. (Poet. Know it.) The hastily cobbled together by Steve session was a combination of tempo, fast and faster (uphill) bits. I put the effort in on the sprint bits to try and keep up with Rob but the rest probably ended up just being tempo-ish all the way round. 

On Tuesday Tom had an excellent session planned that I was looking forward to after work. 3 x 2 miles on the seafront. For once it wasn’t too windy in either direction though there was quite a stiff breeze on the outward leg. At least the wind was behind on the way back. I was hoping for each rep to be somewhere between 13.30 – 14 minutes. I did the first I’ve in 13.23. Eeeeeeek! I was rather worried I’d blown it by doing the first one far too fast. After the prescribed 4 minutes recovery we were off on the second. Thankfully my fears were unfounded as I arrived back in 13.38, a bit slower but not disastrously so. On the way out for the final time the wind had picked up a little more but I still managed to return in 13.43. Not the most consistent but perfectly acceptable in my wildly inconsistent book. All the reps felt comfortably hard rather than killer so that’s good too. 

On Wednesday I would usually do k reps with Rob but this time I wanted to do an LSR as I had more time, moving k reps to Thursday morning before work. Rob had a I migraine I was pooped from Tuesday evening so it was a bit of a slog even though it was only a 10 miler. In the evening at Run Club we were supposed to be doing sprints but my Achilles were unamused so I had to not full on sprint. Still, 13 miles for the day must have some benefit?

My brilliant plan to move k reps to Thursday was ruined when I discovered I had to be at work from the beginning. This meant Rob had to do them on his own. He did. Perfectly respectably, so looks like I’m out of a job. I went to Tom’s session in the evening after work which I knew was 8 x 800. Somehow it didn’t occur to me until afterwards that 800 is quite close to a k and I did 8 of them so not too bad a replacement k session. All my reps were between 3.07 and 3.12 (off 2 minutes rest) so I was quite pleased as I think (hope) this is around 3.50 k pace. Tom did say not to do these too hard if parkrunning on Saturday…

On Saturday I made the journey over to Preston Park for Mark’s 100th parkrun. I was ok for about 100 metres. Then I wasn’t. 

Where’s Wally?

That was it for the week. 34 miles. Goodbye. 

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