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We were supposed to be back at track on Monday and as I had rested on Sunday I went out for a steady 5 miles in the morning just to remind myself about running. Unfortunately in the evening we found track was in fact still off so we had to decamp to Preston Park.  

Looks ok to me but supposedly it’s not dry yet

I find Preston Park a little dark. (Poet. Know it.) The hastily cobbled together by Steve session was a combination of tempo, fast and faster (uphill) bits. I put the effort in on the sprint bits to try and keep up with Rob but the rest probably ended up just being tempo-ish all the way round. 

On Tuesday Tom had an excellent session planned that I was looking forward to after work. 3 x 2 miles on the seafront. For once it wasn’t too windy in either direction though there was quite a stiff breeze on the outward leg. At least the wind was behind on the way back. I was hoping for each rep to be somewhere between 13.30 – 14 minutes. I did the first I’ve in 13.23. Eeeeeeek! I was rather worried I’d blown it by doing the first one far too fast. After the prescribed 4 minutes recovery we were off on the second. Thankfully my fears were unfounded as I arrived back in 13.38, a bit slower but not disastrously so. On the way out for the final time the wind had picked up a little more but I still managed to return in 13.43. Not the most consistent but perfectly acceptable in my wildly inconsistent book. All the reps felt comfortably hard rather than killer so that’s good too. 

On Wednesday I would usually do k reps with Rob but this time I wanted to do an LSR as I had more time, moving k reps to Thursday morning before work. Rob had a I migraine I was pooped from Tuesday evening so it was a bit of a slog even though it was only a 10 miler. In the evening at Run Club we were supposed to be doing sprints but my Achilles were unamused so I had to not full on sprint. Still, 13 miles for the day must have some benefit?

My brilliant plan to move k reps to Thursday was ruined when I discovered I had to be at work from the beginning. This meant Rob had to do them on his own. He did. Perfectly respectably, so looks like I’m out of a job. I went to Tom’s session in the evening after work which I knew was 8 x 800. Somehow it didn’t occur to me until afterwards that 800 is quite close to a k and I did 8 of them so not too bad a replacement k session. All my reps were between 3.07 and 3.12 (off 2 minutes rest) so I was quite pleased as I think (hope) this is around 3.50 k pace. Tom did say not to do these too hard if parkrunning on Saturday…

On Saturday I made the journey over to Preston Park for Mark’s 100th parkrun. I was ok for about 100 metres. Then I wasn’t. 

Where’s Wally?

That was it for the week. 34 miles. Goodbye. 


Posted 04/10/2015 by Isobel Muir in Running

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