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Having hardly done anything last week I decided to start Monday with a little run to the peace statue and back. Nice and easy in cold and sunny but not windy conditions. In the evening it was off to track, not in a monsoon, for the real run of the day. Now it’s more wintry it means the sessions tend to be stuff I don’t like so much. Though really that’s everything at the moment. Today it was 1 mile, 1k, 800m, 800m, 1k, 1mile with 90s recovery between reps. Rick and I stuck to our pact to start with the faster group. I ended up off the back of them almost from the start and Rick had to miss one out but he joined me for the last few. This is a better way to go about it than being too slow from the off when we are in the group below.    

Note how “my group” is nowhere to be seen

 Post track photo opportunity 

I was looking forward to Tom’s session on Tuesday evening as it was 3 x 2 mile reps which is exactly the sort of thing I’d never do on my own but that is complete,y necessary for 5/10k success. Also having done it not too long ago it would be easy to see if progress is being made. My first rep was exactly the same as last time so this time I just needed to not drop 20+ seconds over the next two like I did last time. I did not. 13.24 and 13.30. Much better. 

Wednesday meant time to fail to do k reps again. 3.58, 4.05. Bye. Sandwiched between some jogging with Rob(in). Not too surprising I failed after Monday and successful Tuesday evening. In the evening it was Run Club. Due to an influx of unrelated new people/latecomers/no Jo I just did the same as last week. A small selection of different length parlaufs. I was hoping to not actually run due to dodgy Achilles but the way it worked out I had to run to make three teams of three. Turned out to be fine and I quite enjoyed it in a vomit inducing way. 

Not a jot of running was done on Thursday or Friday.

Or Saturday. Though I did complete Hove Prom parkrun in 24.13. 

I also did a 10k on Sunday. 

The End. 


Posted 18/10/2015 by Isobel Muir in Running

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  1. How did you get on at Worthing?…or is it omitted for a reason?


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