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I seem to have fallen out of love with track at the moment which, as anyone who knows me will know, is very strange as usually it is my favourite thing ever. (Even discovering that I’d missed 400 parlaufs, my absolute favourite track session, later in the evening didn’t upset me.) Perhaps this is the final trough before the peak of rediscovering my mojo and becoming brilliant? Ok the latter part of that is unlikely but if I could find my motivation again that would be nice. Thank you. Instead I decided to make the most of the sunny, cold but NOT WINDY daytime to go on a pleasantly paced 5 mile run to the Peace Statue and back. I had some trouble breathing because I’d forgotten to take my inhaler and it was cold. Thus I got a massive stitch. 

Once again I had decided that Tuesday’s session would be my main focus for the week. I like that I know what Tom’s session is in advance as I like planning but I don’t like it so much when it means I know the hell that is to come. In this case it was 4 repetitions of the hideous hilly Hove Park mile interspersed with 8 x green light hills. This was ever so slightly tempered when Tom said we’d only be doing 6 x hills as that in itself with the jog down is a mile. Psyching myself up and not having done track did the trick and I felt strong during this session. My mile times were 6.52, 6.48, 6.48 and 6.53. Slow times but acceptable on that course especially as I wasn’t fully pushing it rather trying to remain consistent over the reps and hills section. I declare this session a victory for quality over quantity. 

However it made Wednesday’s LSR quite hard. Luckily for me, but not Rob, he was suffering from ankle disturbance so the run was nice and slow. 11 miles in the bank. Then another 4 in the evening at RN Run Club.

On Thursday I cycled over to Preston Park on my bike to join Rob for 6 x 730m (the long flat, straight section along the bottom of the park). It was sunny and cold and deceptively more difficult in one direction than the other, meaning a 10 second difference depending on the direction. As the reps were short we only had one minute recoveries. The average pace was 6.21 minute mile (thanks Rob’s Garmin) which is OK especially after Tuesday and Wednesday.

I rested on Friday a) because I was being sensible after my sports massage but really b) because the weather was horrible. 

Today (Saturday) it was off to a sunny but freezing prom for parkrun number 249. 


Take that Chanel

I had an experimental breakfast. Conclusion: Fail. Too much, not early enough. I rolled home in a paltry 22.08. Only one more to go until I retire!*


Two feet off! Thanks Mark Brocklehurst for letting me steal your photo.

33 miles for the week.

*(Go straight back the week after for 251.) 

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Having completed 7 runs last week culminating in the windiest ever 10k I felt that a trip to track would be pointless as I’d just jog round when a full day off would be more beneficial. It was a little difficult as I was also off work but I managed to go to Tesco and some other exciting stuff to take my mind off it. Oh yes, it was also still incredibly windy. On Tuesday I wanted to go to Tom’s session as it was the same as last time; 3 x 2 mile reps in Hove Park, but after nearly dying many times attempting to cycle home in a hurricane I bailed out. I know it was for the best but I still felt bad. 

Wednesday was only normally stupidly windy so I dragged out my trusty LSR chum for a LSR (unsurprisingly). For the first in a long time I felt OK and managed to push it a bit on the last mile or so home into the wind. I added in a bit of Hove Rec and Hove Park to make it approximately 11.5 miles over all. 

Having destroyed my trusty chum because he’s too polite to tell me to eff off thus running with me when he should have been resting his ankle I couldn’t do k reps with him on Thursday as hoped. Sorry. Instead I decided to try a 5k negative split time trial thing using the cross fit 5k measured on Basin Road. The plan was to see how big a negative split I could attain. The weather forecast had been lying again. That was definitely NOT 12mph wind. It was close enough to Brooks in fact which meant an 11.42 outward leg. Hard work. On the way back I posted 9.24 which was ridiculous and obviously a lie as that’s 6.03 mile pace. Anyway the main target was achieved with a 2+ minute negative split but I couldn’t leave the source of this lie unsolved. A quick draw on MapMyRun showed the route was over 300 metres short. Blast! 

On Friday I still felt the need to run but didn’t know what to do so I just set off towards the Peace Statue at what felt like a reasonable pace. When I turned back it was pretty windy so I tested out some new wind-running styles as I always struggle with it. The best seemed to be to run with smaller steps which would make sense I suppose. I’ve always had a long stride compared to others and people are forever streaming past me when running into the wind. I think the longer ones foot is off the ground the more it can be blown off course thus slowing you down. That’s my science bit and poo to you if you think it’s tosh. I’m sticking to it anyway as it seemed to help. Don’t know how far. Don’t know how fast. 

Saturday was winter. Utterly freezing. I was woefully underdressed and had to put my afterwards jumper on before the run and add my full on ski mittens. I was still freezing but managed to keep my fingers from falling off. I was pleased with my run as I kept going and even did a bit of proper running on the non windy section. It was still slow but that’s only to be expected. I need to keep up the being able to try and hopefully the speed shall follow soon. I didn’t sulk and even managed not to get too angry that it was utterly freezing, I had severe frostbite of the toes and I couldn’t cycle along Portland Road because it was so windy progress was nigh on impossible. 

Only 23 miles for the week. All of them either too windy or cold or both. Though I’m glad I seem to have found some mojo again. 

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Recovery track. Two words that shouldn’t really be together but that’s what Monday’s session was. I wanted to give Tuesday’s evening session my focus so just stuck with Rick’s medium group on the track. (3x) 800t; 400t, 400f; 500f with 30s between reps and 90s between sets. 

Before my target evening session it was time once again to brave the wind for a LSR. Thankfully I has rousted my partner in run to join me so we managed a windy but acceptable 10 miles. After all that I had to drag myself out for the evening session. Due to the continuing windiness Tom had moved the session to Hove Park. How inconvenient! A 15 minute cycle rather than the usual 4 minute jog. This turned out to be the last of my troubles. The 2 mile route Tom had set for our session of three times was the hilliest thing ever. Ok so maybe it wasn’t but it is to I who runs no hills ever (well not for a year or so at least). It was also dark and lumpy  underfoot and full of other people who seemed to think they were allowed to use the pavement too. I finished the first rep in 14.10 which seemed cack in comparison to the usuals on the seafront but Tom, quite rightly, said to ignore the time as it was much hillier and windier and people-in-the-wayier than normal. His sensibleness didn’t stop me being annoyed at my slowness of course. The second rep was 14.24. The morning’s LSR plus my avoidance of all hills beginning to show itself in the enfeeblement of my legs. I promised myself I wouldn’t do the last rep as it would be pointless and cause more harm than good. I did the last rep in 14.41 and totally hit the wall around a km from the end. Serves myself right for not listening to myself. Although I did. I just ignored myself. 

Thankfully Wednesday’s Run Club only contained those who were doing Brighton 10k on Sunday so we just did an easy 3 or so miles. Good practice too as it was still stupidly windy though twice the wind speed was forecast for Sunday. 

As I am working towards my 250th parkrun I went over to Preston Park on Saturday just to notch up another. An unremarkable 22.37. 

This morning (Sunday) it was time for Brooks 10k. The forecast had been putting the winds between 45 and 55mph. Oh goody. Especially as the course had been changed which meant the last k or so would now be into the wind. My plan was always to just run the bit that I could, which would be the 5k stretch from the King Alfred to the marina. I overtook many many people on this stretch. Once I turned back into the wind around 5 billion people overtook me. I knew they would however and I was still trying so I didn’t sulk or anything. I just can’t run into the wind. 

Wind blur

43.28. That’ll do for now. 35 miles for the week. Fewer miles than the average mph of the week’s wind. 

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Windy indeedy   Leave a comment

On Monday I didn’t fancy track (I wanted to do well at Tom’s session onTuesday evening too) so decided to get a long run in the bag as I had the day off. As I had to do it on my own I only managed 10 miles but better than nothing. It was a nice sunny day which was good and made me more glad I got out in the day rather than waiting for a dark track session. I bumped into my friend on Hove seafront so here is an LSR action shot  

Total realism. Must get the right size t shirt next time.

On Tuesday evening it was time to see if I could pull a good session out of the bag after Monday’s LSR. I could. It was 6 x 1 mile. I hoped to be at least as fast as last time. In fact I ended up being a few seconds faster on each rep. 6.28, 6.24, 6.28, 6.30, 6.28 and 6.30. Splendid.

Due to things I had to chase down the Run Club group on Wednesday evening and thus missed most of the session so this turned out to just be a 3 mile lope.

I really wanted to complete the Tom week with the prescribed 8 x 800s on Thursday but alas due to stupid winds it took me ages to cycle home from work and put me off doing the session as I knew it wouldn’t be that beneficial in 40mph cross winds on the seafront. Also the glowing cone wouldn’t be there so WHAT IS THE POINT?

On Friday I went out for an easy 3.5 mile run as I always feel worse on parkrun day if I haven’t run in the preceding days. 

Mark and I hatched a cunning plot for promparkrun to try and make it into a bit of a game and get us out of our rut of crapness. We decided we’d run together at Mark’s speed until 1k where I would try and get as far away from him as possible whilst he tried to keep as close behind me as he could. Thus we reached 1k in 4.15. I then tried to zoom off. Pretty tricky as it was infernally windy. As it was a cross wind it was equally impossible to run in either direction. I was therefore quite pleased with 20.58. This was probably the most consistently paced parkrun I’ve done. Though I shall never know. 

25 miles for the week. 

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