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On Monday I didn’t fancy track (I wanted to do well at Tom’s session onTuesday evening too) so decided to get a long run in the bag as I had the day off. As I had to do it on my own I only managed 10 miles but better than nothing. It was a nice sunny day which was good and made me more glad I got out in the day rather than waiting for a dark track session. I bumped into my friend on Hove seafront so here is an LSR action shot  

Total realism. Must get the right size t shirt next time.

On Tuesday evening it was time to see if I could pull a good session out of the bag after Monday’s LSR. I could. It was 6 x 1 mile. I hoped to be at least as fast as last time. In fact I ended up being a few seconds faster on each rep. 6.28, 6.24, 6.28, 6.30, 6.28 and 6.30. Splendid.

Due to things I had to chase down the Run Club group on Wednesday evening and thus missed most of the session so this turned out to just be a 3 mile lope.

I really wanted to complete the Tom week with the prescribed 8 x 800s on Thursday but alas due to stupid winds it took me ages to cycle home from work and put me off doing the session as I knew it wouldn’t be that beneficial in 40mph cross winds on the seafront. Also the glowing cone wouldn’t be there so WHAT IS THE POINT?

On Friday I went out for an easy 3.5 mile run as I always feel worse on parkrun day if I haven’t run in the preceding days. 

Mark and I hatched a cunning plot for promparkrun to try and make it into a bit of a game and get us out of our rut of crapness. We decided we’d run together at Mark’s speed until 1k where I would try and get as far away from him as possible whilst he tried to keep as close behind me as he could. Thus we reached 1k in 4.15. I then tried to zoom off. Pretty tricky as it was infernally windy. As it was a cross wind it was equally impossible to run in either direction. I was therefore quite pleased with 20.58. This was probably the most consistently paced parkrun I’ve done. Though I shall never know. 

25 miles for the week. 


Posted 08/11/2015 by Isobel Muir in Running

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