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Monday morning brought with it a change from the normal. An LSR. Crazy hey? Not at all. The LSR King was going to the dentist in the afternoon so wouldn’t be able to go to track so I thought it might be good to get an LSR in in the morning so he would have done something even if the dentist turned out to be The End. Anyway we just did the usual. 10 miles in the sack nice and early. I then decided to go to track which I haven’t done for ages. It was very mild and not windy so no chance it would be called off. I got a lift with Steve which meant we arrived very early so I ended up doing a few miles just as a warm up. The session itself was 2 x 800 + 300 with 30s between the 800s and 300 and 60s after the 300. There were four of these, dropping the longer reps down by 100 each time. After the morning LSR it took until the middle of the session for my legs to get into it. Though I still managed to keep with Rick enough to say I was in his group throughout. 

On Tuesday I had to go into work early so didn’t get a chance to run in the morning but knew I had an 8 miler to look forward to in the evening. It was a pretty miserable evening. Wet, windy and very stony on the prom. Once I arrived I heard there was a 10 mile option that Cathy was going to do. Aiming for 7.15mm. I decided to see if I could go with her. It sounded pretty hard work (having run the Brighton half in 6.48mm in February still doesn’t seem real) but it’s not something I’d ever do on my own so I had to take the opportunity as it presented itself. Good grief it was hard work but I managed to complete the 10 in 1.13.45 which was 7.22 average. It felt harder than Brighton. Or perhaps equally hard as Brighton was a long time ago so maybe I’ve forgotten. Even though it was 30s per mile slower. Hmmmmm. I don’t know whether this is good or bad. Let’s be positive and say it’s good to remember that I can put in the effort (even if currently it’s not that fast). 

I took myself out for a true recovery run on Wednesday morning as I had something proper to recover from. Not even 3 very slow miles. In the evening it was RN Run Club which I feared might totally kill me off as it would be sprints. It was. I lived. 

Another LSR on Thursday morning meant I’d already done my usual weekly mileage. I was feeling fine though. I think the trick for me is to take loads of vitamin and iron tablets all the time as I seem to burn through them at great speed. This was a little tricky to start with as I’m very obedient so found it hard to defy the “one a day” instructions (which most people don’t even read).

I thought I’d better rest on Friday. Even though I didn’t want to.

On Saturday it was time for the Arena superseries age graded parkrun. To have any chance of winning I would need to run around 17 minutes. No. So I didn’t bother running at all. A pleasant jog surrounded by Arenas was the order of the day. 

The LSRers go short


Don’t know who everyone else is looking at

 On Sunday it was time for one last LSR with my trusty sidekick. This brought me up to 55 miles for the week and he 33 or so miles which for a week of mostly not running and resting his heel is pretty good. 

Now I (think I’ve) got my iron/vitamin balance under control and am feeling strong and don’t seem (fingers crossed) to be catching a cold every five seconds I hope to able to continue higher mileage weeks. 40 ish miles should be doable and sensible and hopefully enough to help to me on to 2013 speeds and beyond.


Posted 20/12/2015 by Isobel Muir in Running

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