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After a mileage-filled week last week I found it hard to get started at track on Monday evening (indeed I was mainly there for the post-session mulled wine). The session was 10 x 600, speeding up every 200 metres. Rick decided we should each lead two reps as he always ends up pacing the whole thing. This meant that I ruined my first one by going too fast. Or too fast for the rest of the group. Oops. On my next one Rick reined me in. Thanks Rick! The changing of the leader was good as it meant we had a variety of styles, though all similar in overall time. My legs didn’t really ease off until rep 5 or so after the hard week last week but the session still felt ok and I didn’t get too left behind at any time. A nice plastic cup or two of mulled wine finished off the evening perfectly. 

As Craig David said: I rested on Tuesday (it should have been Tom’s handicap 5k but 50mph wind and rain put paid to that). 

On Wednesday Rob and I set out for the usual LSR, plans afoot to add more and different styled ones in the new year pre half marathons (him). Today was the traditional 10 miles. In the evening I ventured forth to the Arena evening tempo run. This has become a fast boys race since I used to do it a year or so ago so I made sure Steve was aware I was going so he could run slowly with me so I didn’t slow everyone else down. When I arrived it was just Steve, Jim, Dorian, Paul and I. I told them they could go without me but in the spirit of gentlemanliness they stayed back with me for most of it, only slipping ahead a few times. I wanted to do a fast bit from the lagoon to peace statue which I certainly did. Average 6.42 for three miles but supposedly a 6.05 in there (unlikely) so maybe actually two miles at around 6.20. I took it reasonably easy from peace statue to pier but the pace increased all the way back to the King Alfred making the overall average pace 6.56 so a lot of speediness must have occurred. I was thoroughly dead by the end and Steve even had to drive me the last 200 metres home. Jeeeeeeeeeeez. It’s what I need though. 

I tried to go for a recovery jog on Thursday but the incessant wind and Christmas dawdlers in my way made it a rage infused shuffle instead. 3 miles done.

On Friday there was something called Christmas which meant we got an extra scoring parkrun. This year it was at Preston Park. Thankfully it was very mild, though still windy. I set myself the target of sub 21. Well I set it a while ago. I’m not the spontaneous sort. 4.12 per k. Not that I have a gps watch or anything or even look at the stopwatch I do have. Anyway I tried my hardest and managed 20.51 and First Lady. Gone are the days of full effort reaping sub 20. Though hopefully by knocking off realistic increments each time I can work my way back there and beyond. 

As Saturday was Saturday there was another parkrun and I went to Preston Park again because the traditional Boxing Day race was on afterwards. Because I was knackered after Wednesday plus Friday’s parkrun I only managed 21.12 at parkrun then rued my decision to do the Boxing Day race as I was totally shattered but I dragged myself round the full 5.4 miles, being overtaken by Stephen Ferroni after a mere two and a half laps. I was quite surprised that my average pace was 7.33 as I hardly felt I was moving. I then had to go to work. Zzzzzzz. 

Today I had a rest. Yay! Though I did have to go to work. Boo. 

Tomorrow I shall rest again.

36 miles for the week. 


Posted 27/12/2015 by Isobel Muir in Running

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