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No track. Yes work. No running. Two days rest in a row. Blimey.

Tom’s postponed Christmas handicap happened on Tuesday evening in the usual recent weather of wind wind wind. Not quite as disgusting as the week before that caused the postponement. We had all given Tom a guess (in my inconsistent case)/prediction as to our finishing time for 5k based on our most recent times plus a minute for weather, 180 degree turns, stony prom etc. Thus I said 22 minutes. Tom had obviously tweaked some predictions as after a few slower people had started a large posse of us set off on 21 minutes with just Tom a minute later to chase us all down. As is very occasionally the way I was running like I should always run. Fast, bouncy, easy. I was lucky to be flanked by Ian and Sean most of the way so I just stuck with them and as they pulled away in the last half a mile or so it was easy to just keep going and not drop them too much by the end. I was utterly staggered when I looked at my watch to see 20.14! Third fastest of the year I think and in very unconducive running conditions. Flabbergasted but extremely pleased. I was even properly third, having assumed I’d really be 4th once Tom’s extra minute handicap was taken into account. A good end to a not so good year (post the mega surprise that was the Brighton half marathon 1.29.06). 

On Wednesday I had promised to go to the Arena tempo run to try and entice some slightly slower-than-Steve type people to join. Alas I was still by far the slowest but Tristan ran with me thankfully as he was just trying to reach 100k for the month (I think?). The weather was an utter bag of rubbish yet again. Extremely windy and horizontal flaying-the-skin-off rain. I think having run fast the day before I was even feebler than usual and we were soon way off the back as the usuals sped on ahead. We probably still averaged around 7.30mm so it might not have been as slow as I feared but man was it unpleasant. I even developed flaming front of thigh disease when I got home. Red hot and itchy as heck. Blinking awful. 

I was at work on Thursday so didn’t run. Thank goodness. 

Then it was 2016. Which meant TWO PARKRUNS IN ONE DAY! Shame that day was freezing and windy. The first run was an ok 21.09. It was very windy and it turned into a fartlekky affair where I ran fast when I wanted and didn’t when I didn’t. It was then time to cycle over to Hove Park for the next instalment. I hate Hove Park anyway and it was cold and stupid and I dragged my decaying form round in 22.06. I was quite surprised as I felt like it was much much slower than that. 

Hove Park parkjog

The double was done! 

The it was really parkrunday. To complete the triple (and because the weather was once again hideously rainy and windy) I fought my way over to Preston Park against wind, rain and a woman driving on the wrong side of the road whilst looking at her phone.  

It turns out that running four 5ks in a week is knackering. I managed 21.35 but I felt like every single 5k muscle had died. A full week to the next one!

Today I did nothing. I start a new job tomorrow and once I’ve settled in to the routine (ahhhhhhhh routine my sorely missed old friend) I hope to get back into proper running. Let’s go! 


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  1. 4 x 5k within a week – not sure I could handle that, especially at that pace. Well done!


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