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I decided to go to track on Monday as it seemed to be the least hellish weather forecast for the coming week. The session was 8 x 900 with the first 300 tempo then the last 600 faster. As Rick wasn’t there I have no idea of consistency or pace. My group was one in name only as there must have been a good 50 metres between us. No matter. I just wanted a steady session and I feel it was. 


Warming up whilst being told off for talking. Tsk. Quiet Muir! (Thanks Marc for allowing me to steal your photo without your knowlege or permission.)

I was still suffering general knackeredness post speedy parkrun so decided on a recovery run on Tuesday morning in the hope it might set me up for a successful evening session in a hellishly windy Hove Park. 3 miles of drudgery. Hard work and too windy. The evening session question was the worst of Tom’s inventions. 3 x the hilly horrid 2 mile route. I wanted to be steady and consistent. I managed 14.16 and 14.15 for the first two but struggled on the last and only managed 14.29. My legs were tired and the wind had picked up quite a bit on the homeward stretch so it wasn’t too bad (she tries to tell herself). 

On Wednesday it was time for another LSR. The weather was pretty horrid. Cold and windy to start with, then towards the end it started raining horribly too, just as the point where I leave Rob and have to turn back into the wind for the homeward 3 miles (just measured it on RunKeeper and it really is 3 miles).

I was by now totally knackered after 5 solid days of (mostly hard) running so managed to be very sensible and not run until Saturday. 

The weather forecast was a massive stinking LIAR! It said 11mph winds so I thought I’d take the opportunity to go to the prom as it’s so much easier to get to than Preston Park. I decided to try a new tactic of arriving just before the start to see if a cycle warm up is any good. Alas it was hard to tell if it was or not because it was SO WINDY it was nigh on impossible to run in westward bound direction. Bum. I think I must sue the BBC weather app immediately. I tried to make the most of it but even trying all the way the wind was too sapping and I only managed 21.46. I am truly terrible at running into the wind. However I was finally first woman over the line so that’s something I suppose. Huff.


Unspeedy even with the wind behind

This morning it was the Worthing Lido 4. I hadn’t been looking forward to this as it contains a horrible muddy section… but no! They changed the course as the field was waterlogged which meant it was a slightly longer, two lapped course all on the prom. Yippee! Ages ago I had decided this would be a target race where I wanted to run under 27 minutes (obviously this was planned on the original course). Due to the wet, cold and windy forecast I knew it would be difficult but I wanted to at least give it a go. On Saturday evening I decided I’d follow Juliette (even though I didn’t know if she was even running it). She was there! Off we set. I managed to keep with her for the first 2.5 miles or so but then the stupid wind got to me and I faded a bit. I was still further up the field than I have been in a long time with Juliette, Caroline and Paul all still just about in sight on the homeward mile. No official time yet but I reckon a few seconds over 27 minutes so that’s acceptable given the conditions. It was very windy but not as bad as yesterday’s parkrun, but it was equally cold and much wetter. Anyway I’m taking it as a successful accomplishment of my first target.


Modern and sophiticated target spreadsheet

Only 31 miles for the week but an acceptable end. 


Posted 31/01/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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